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Studio West Glass Blowing Art is something that we all love to some degree. For me one of the coolest type of art is glassblowing. Its such a brittle foundation to work with. One slip and the whole master piece is destroyed in a mater of seconds. Glassblowing is also a rear art that not many people get the chance to perfect or try. In Eugene Oregon however there is Studio West, which is a Fine Art Gallery & Glassblowing Studio. Studio West is a great place to visit the gallery has many many great pieces of artwork ranging from painting to beautiful pieces of glass. The unique part of this gallery is the glass blowing studio and the fact that it can be renting and offers classes to novices. This is a great place to bring a special someone who will cherish and love a gift that you made together. Because of the dangerous nature of hot glass it is recommend not to bring small children. Pricing for classes are very reasonable and have 3 standard classes to beginning which are Blow your own Ornament, Float, or Bubble Bowl. The price for them are $35 for ornament, $55 for float or paperweight, and $75 for the Bubble Bowl. At the end of the lesson you of course get to keep the piece of art that you made and cherish the memory of forming it from scratch. Studio West is a place that you will have to experience for you self go online to book a lesson today or call.

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Pappa's Kitchen People say that food is a way to a mans heart and something I have to agree. However, there is a type of food that finds its way to a mans heart more then others especially after a long day at work. It isn’t the type of food you find at a fine dinning restaurant where it costs $45 a plate and you feel out of place if you ask for a refill on your drink. Men like soul food and in Eugene Oregon you can find some of the best. At Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen, they serve just able anything that you could want after a long day. Specializing in BBQ and Cajun style cuisine they offer the best friend chicken you could ever find and even a great original Gumbo. This is especially a great hangout for college students its not the most ecstatically pleasing restaurant from the outside and not in the best part of town but sometimes that’s just the way things are. Pricing is the best and that’s what makes it great for college students, you can walk away for 10-12 bucks after tip and that gets you a whole mean and drink. Papas has the best southern sweet tea that you can find this far north and it won’t disappointment you. Service isn’t always great but it is always friendly. If you decide to try Pappas you just have to try the ribs, potato salad, and the black eyes peas.