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Grosse Point Lighthouse Vacations are a great time to get out and explore the rich history our country has to offer. We are lucky that our nation finds pride in its history and seeks to preserve it at high expense. There are little gems around the nation that are sometimes hard to find but others are quite easy to see all you have to do is look up. Lighthouses scatter the coast line of port cities and many have been destroyed from weather or to build new safer and more sophisticated lighthouses. While traveling through the city of Evanston I ran across the Grosse Point Lighthouse and decided to take a look around. I found that the grounds which this national landmark sit on are open year round a are absolutely beautiful but the house for the lighthouse keepers and the lighthouse itself is only open to tours and group reservations. We were staying nearby so it wasn’t a drag to come back on the weekend. The house conducts tours from June through September each year on the weekends on the hours of 2,3, and 4 PM. The tour consists of house and the light tower. The tower has a total of 141 steps which leave most guests catching their breath at the top. Due to safety reasons only 12 people can go up the tower at a time and no children under eight years of age can climb the tower either. The Grosse Point Lighthouse only costs 6 bucks for adults and $3 for kids ages 8 to 12. It’s a fun and insightful trip for the friends and family.

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Mitchell Museum of the American Indian Museums can be found everywhere and are used to preserve all sorts of history. They can preserve old technology or old cultures. In the north east a large part of the American history is the American Indians. They were found in the America’s before we sailed across the Atlantic. In Evanston Illinois traveling and citizens alike can find the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian. The Mitchell was founded in 1977 and since been preserve the American Indian culture with a single mission statement to “promote and share a deeper understanding of Native American people.” The Mitchell is one of a few museums in North America that focuses only on preserving the traditions and arts of Native Americans. The Mitchell is open Tuesday- Saturday from 10 to 5 and admission is just $5 for adults and $3 for students, kids, teachers, and seniors. There are many great exhibits too see while you are there. See a huge Basket exhibit that has over 75 different handmade baskets. Each basket is a piece of art in its self that also servers to be functional. One of my favorite exhibits was the regional tour of American Indian Cultures. This exhibit was large and focused a little on all the different culture groups of American Indians. The ones that resides in the woodlands East of the Mississippi River, Plains that are west of the Mississippi, Southwest, Northwest Coast, and even the Arctic. It amazed me to see how Native American’s could survive in such a harsh environment with no modern technology.