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Things to do in Everett

boeingLocated twenty five miles north of Seattle you will find Everett, Washington a city with a lot to love. Everett was the previous winner of the All-American City Award which shows that the citizens of Everett know how to work together to take on the cities challenges as a community. When you visit Everett you should stop in at the Future of Flight Aviation and Boeing Tour. The Boeing facility in Everett is where the 747, 767, 777, 787 Dreamliner production lines are located. The tour is not only fascinating and educational it is the home of the largest building in the world.  Positioned in the 472 million cubic ft building this tour takes you through Boeing’s assembly plant. Here you can stroll along as you see airplanes in a variety of different stages of their manufacturing process. Try not to be over whelmed because the total scale of watching a 747 from start to finish can be a bit to take in. For anyone who has an interest in planes or even if you don’t the Boeing Tour is sure to be a treat.

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A few more things in Everett

marinaThe Boeing building is not the only award winning large thing in Everett. The city is also home to the world’s largest public marina on the West Coast of the United States. The marina offers a variety of restaurants and places to relax as you glimpse out over the some odd 2,000 boats docked at the marina. A perfect place to stop for a rest on your way to Seattle or Vancouver the marina has plenty enough facilities to make it a relaxing pit stop. Even if you want to get out and do something different the marina is an ideal place to jump on over to the San Juan Islands. From fancy restaurants to casual dining you will find the staff to be professional and more than accommodating. What is any vacation without some shopping? The marina offers excellent shopping right next to the water making it an ultimate family destination; the wife can shop, the kids can play, and the father can go fishing right off the docks. The sunset is the best part so be sure to stay the day. Nothing beats a sunset over 2,000 boats.