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Carabiners Indoor Rock Climbing Ever wanted to go rock climbing but never knew where to go? Wanted to scale high off the ground with nothing but a rope between you and the ground below? Well the residents of Fairfield are lucky to have Carabiners right in their back yard. Carabiners is a top of the line rock climbing facility that emphasizes safety for veteran climbers and first timers alike. Carabiner was opened in 2004 and at its opening it was the largest rock climbing facility in the United States. The facility was in New Bedford, Massachusetts today they have expended to be a part of the Sportsplex in Fairfield. The sportsplex is a giant complex that has indoor yoga, gymnastics, cheerleading, ice skating, and indoor field sports. Carabiner is great for first time climbers with personal professional Belay’s. Belay is the person who spots you while climbing and makes sure you don’t fall. This is very important and should only be trusted to professionally trained person. Climbing can be expensive to start because of the personal attention teaching requires. The recommended first timer course is $50 for up to 2 climbers then just 20 bucks for each climber after; with groups of 6 or more climbers there are discount rates. If you are a trained climber and have a partner for Belaying then you can get a day pass for just 18 bucks if you have your own equipment. For rentals you can get everything you need for just 10 bucks.

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What to explore in Fairfield

Super Duper Weenie We have all seen those attractions and restaurants on the side of the road… those places that you just have to stop at. Well if you happen to be traveling through Fairfield Connecticut then you just have to stop and check out Super Duper Weenie. Yes that’s right Super Duper, when I first saw the sign I couldn’t believe it myself. Super Duper Weenie serves up the best Wennies or hot dogs in the north east. I’m not pulling your leg Super Duper severs up the best hot dogs and Guy Fieri a Food Network Star even came and did show up Super Duper weenies. It was aired on national TV on the Show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Now for the important part the food, what makes Super Duper the best in the area is because of how they start each Hot Dog. They don’t use a mass produced dog you get from the super market. They have a local butcher who hand crafts each dog out of a special blend of pork and beef. The Hot Dog isn’t the only locally made item the bread is made at local bakery’s and fresh rolls are brought in each morning. That’s the basis for the hot dog but what makes it Super Duper is the toppings you put on it. Pickle relish is the number one topping but this pickle relish you can’t get anywhere else. Super Duper actually pickles their own fruit. That’s a process that can take weeks. Super Duper uses only the freshest ingredients bought at local markets to present each guest with a perfect dog from start to finish.