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fairmontfortWhile you are in Fairmont you should visit Prickett’s Fort. This historic fort was built defend the European settlers from the late 1700s from Native American raids. When the settlers took in this portion of West Virginia the local Native Americans were pushed off the soil and constantly tried to fight to get back the land they felt was there’s.  Many fights and even small wars erupted across the territories as a result of the ungoing war between the Europeans and the Native Americans. After several defeats they decided there was safety in numbers they built several as many refuge forts as possible and put a great deal into one right here in Fairmont. Built on the homestead of Jacob Prickett. This fort was a very simple design around a very small area. This way they were able make this a strong hold. As the frontiersmen believed they were about to be attacked they gathered as many families as they could. Standing prepared the families waited but were never attacked. The Native American preferred to attack weak points but not the strong points. Today you can watch where 80 families making several hundred people gathered. The forth offers information and a look into a past time here in Fairmont.

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A few more things in Fairmont

fairmontparkValley Falls State Park would be a great addition to any vacation. This part is located along the shores of the Tygart Valley River and the main attraction here is a half mile long set of waterfalls. While you are here you can set off on one of the numerous hiking trails along the shores. For the children here in the area the playground will offer hours of fun and enjoyment for any family. You can pack a lunch and enjoy a full day here at the park at one of the many picnic areas. If you one to have some fun times with a little bit of family competition in the park’s volleyball court. If you are looking for something a little less physical bring some fishing rods and enjoy a full day of fishing at some of the more calm parts of the river. Because of the half mile of waterfalls that separate Marion and Taylor county you can enjoy what many local do. Kayaking is one of the hottest things to do here in Valley Falls State Park. A fun relaxing day with breathtaking views.