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USS Massachusetts While visiting Fall River or the area around you should really think of taking a trip over to Battleship Cove. Battleship Cove is one of the largest navel collections in the United States. Its comprised of 5 retired navel ships There is a Battleship, Destroyer, Submarine, and two PT patrol boats. These ships are each unique and beautiful ships. Many of the ships are open to public and you can walk into them and see how life would have been during the time. See how thousands of men would eat and sleep upon the massive battleship. While walking the USS Massachusetts you can see how technology has evolved and see the work that had to go into keeping the ship operation and moving. Take a look at the huge 16 inch rounds that weighed 2700 pounds and that the ship could launch one every 40 seconds or so. Admission is a little high but when you think that you are getting to explore 5 retired navel ships it brings the price into perspective. Adults get in for $16.50, seniors $14.50, kids 6-12 $10, and under 6 get in free. The USS Massachusetts is the main attraction and is a huge ship the Battleship comes to 680 feet long displays 35,000 tons of water when in the water, and has 88 guns on the ship. Not all might be there today but when it sailed it was a force to be wrecked with. It has 9 x 16inch cannons, 20 x 5inch cannons, 24 x 40mm guns, and 35 x 20mm cannons used for anti air.

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What to explore in Fall River

Fall river Railroad MuseumMuseums sometimes can be boring but here in Fall River with the Battleship cove they are exciting. On the inland there is also a lot of fun with the Old Colony & Fall River Railroad Museum. Admission to the railroad museum is really cheap at $3 for adults, $2.50 for seniors, and $1.50 for kids 5-12. The Railroad Museum is lots of fun and an exciting stop in any visit to Fall River. The Museum has 5 antique rail cars that hold the museum. The first of which is car number 813 which was a coach car that was built in 1926. Today this car is the ticket booth, as well as a small gift shop that offers special train related gifts to take home to the family. The Car also has an area with model trains that kids with just love and have fun playing with the models. the next two cars are named New Haven #42 and #33401 the #42 is a passenger car and has been kept with much of the original finishing, the other car is a 40 foot box car that has Super Improved Dreaghnot ends…. I’m not sure what they are exactly are but looks cool and I’m sure a member on staff will be more then willing to inform you. The boxcar today has been modified into a small video theater that shows railroad videos. The final car is a Red Caboose #21052 The car is a York Central caboose and today is red and yellow however the museum wants to restore the car back to the original blue and white. The railroad museum is a great fun and a good way to teach kids about the railroad system.