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Things to do in Farmington

Salmon Ruins New Mexico has a lot of history. People had settled the plains long ago and created homes and even small cities. Not like the cities we have today but made of sand or actually made of dried mud. In the small town of Farmington New Mexico visitors can find the Salmon Ruins. These ruins one day where a thriving settlement but today they are a thriving tourist attraction. The ruins are open to the public you can tour the 11th century runs and even a Chacoan Great house. I’m not too sure who the Chacoan people were before I went but during I learning a lot about their people. That however didn’t’ sink in real well and that was my fault not the tour guide I just didn’t let the information sink in. The ruins have lots of other fun and exciting things to offer such as an entire 19th century homestead. The homestead is filled with lots of old artifacts that today are exhibits for your viewing pleasure. Admission to the Salmon Ruins is only 3 bucks for adults, two for seniors over 60, and only a buck for kids between 6-16. Little ones under 5 years of age are free to enter.

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What to eat in Farmington

 Three Rivers Farmington New Mexico is filled with great place to eat. Farmington has an assortment of three Rivers Eateries these 5 establishments. Are a Tap & Game Room, a Pizzeria, the 3RB restaurant, a banquet hall and finally the ward Winning Brewery. I’ve said it before and it still stands today I love restaurants that are paired with a brewery. It takes time and care to perfect beer and when the people who put that type of care into their work it ware off on the food in the restaurant. Well in this case that love for the beer wears off on a tap room, Pizzerias, restaurant and even a banquet hall. The restaurant is a perfect place to eat for lunch for dinner. They serve only the freshest of ingredients and that includes beer. The beer they serve comes straight from Brewery and only enough for a few days worth of business. The menu at the restaurant is also every changing about every 3 to 4 months the menu is changed sometimes more than other and this is to keep the restaurant fresh and new. There is also daily specials. These don’t just rotated daily but instead are picked by the chef leading to a special that he cares about and loves serving. Any of the Three Rivers establishments are worth visiting wither that be for a beer and a game or pool, a bite to eat, or a tour of the brewery.