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Holocaust Memorial Center Holding onto the past is something a part of what museums do. We have to remember the past the mistakes that our forefathers made so that we don’t make them again. Perhaps the largest mistakes that the human race has made were the Holocaust. In the town of Farmington Hills Michigan the Holocaust Memorial Center is dallying reminding visitors of the many people who lost their lives during the Holocaust. The Holocaust Memorial Center doesn’t just teach about the Holocaust but teaches about the Jewish people. The museum starts off with The Time line that is just off the main lobby. The time line takes you through the 4000 years of recorded Jewish history. Then takes you into the European Jewish Heritage that shows how the Jewish effected over 23,000 communities in the European area. After showing all that the Jewish had accomplished the museum reminds its guests about World War II and the “solution” to the “inferior races” that the Nazi Party used during the World War II. The museum continues into the post war era that takes a look at how the Jewish people recovered after the war. Perhaps my favorite thing about this museum is the Memorial Flame. The flame was created to act as a reminder for the 4 million people who were lost during the time. The Flame is eternal and it never fades. The flame is a small piece of the museum but impacts the visitors in a large way. The museum is a fantastic place to visit and teach your children about this large piece of history.

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Breakfast Club When traveling I find that the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to be especially true. Traveling is tough and spending all day behind the wheel of a car can be tiring. Breakfast can help to give you extra energy all throughout the day and eating right can help even more. Its often times hard to get out of bed and get your family moving while on vacation but with the Breakfast Club in Farmington Hill Michigan it should help a little. The Breakfast Club is the go to place for well… breakfast the best part is it is not the average run of the mill toast and butter type of breakfast place. Each and every meal is prepared fresh and the menu is created with diversity in mind. The Bread used is baked fresh and changes daily while there we had delicious cherry walnut bread. If you are running late getting out in the morning don’t worry about it the Breakfast Club serves meals till 2 am each day and are open a little later on the weekends. The Breakfast Club is one of a kind and a very interesting thing they do that I’ve never seen anywhere else is serving chocolate covered strawberries with the check. They were delicious and a perfect ending to a great breakfast with the family. It was filling and I left wanting to try more. I got the Sweet potato puffs that were new and delicious.