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Airborne and Speical Ops Museum Fayetteville North Carolina is filled with lots of fun things to do. While traveling last year with my family we ran across the Airborne and Special Ops Museum. My wife and I are long time army buffs and we love to visit museums like this. We have had the pleasure of visiting many armed forces museum and this one is on the top of our favorite list. The Airborne and Special Ops Museum is top notch and spares no expense in recreated screens from the past that show you exactly what our armed forces did and the past and continue to do today. It was really neat they had lots of helicopters and plains. Most of which were cargo plains because all the fighting is done on group but never the less it was cool. One of my favorite exhibits was one that you could walk into the plain and sit in the cargo bay. The back end of the plane was a huge black and white picture that was taken inside one of plains but it was filled with troops it was a great photo op and a memory to last a life time. Another great thing about the museum is the fact that its free. Donations are accepted but not required.

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What to eat in Fayetteville

Luigi's Itilian Restaurant One of the best parts about traveling is getting the chance to enjoy lots of different local restaurants. Its just always exciting to see what we are going to run into and where the locals love to eat. When we get out and have a little fun I always try to ask a local who has been in the area for a long time. While at the Airborne and Special Ops Museum one of the volunteers and they pointed me to Luigi’s. He said it was the best place to go for a lunch, dinner, or a great drink. He said there was plenty of places downtown that the college kids like and serve up cheap light beer but Luigi’s is the only place to go for a good cocktail mixed the right way. The cocktails aren’t everything thought its also a full size restaurant. Its also nice that the bar is separated from the restaurant at the front you can either go right to the restaurant or take a left and sit yourself at the bar or cocktail area. I was in the mood for some classic food so I got spaghetti and meatballs and was not disappointed it tasted just like it should and the meatballs were delicious and huge.