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Things to do in Spokane Federal Way

wildwavesLocated between Seattle and Tacoma, Federal Way got its start back in the 1800s. Originally a logging settlement the name derived from State road 99 which was initially called Federal Highway 99. This vital road connected the cities of Seattle and Tacoma for the transfer of goods and travel. Still abundant in lumber Federal Way is home to Weyerhauser the largest private owner of softwood timber in the world. The city officially got its name in the 1920 when several schools were put up in the district and named Federal Way Schools. The city continued to grow and by the 1950 was home to several residential areas and a family oriented theme park. This park continued to grow and today is one of the best theme parks in the northwest.  Originally only 12 acres big with a handful of rides Wild Waves now stretches over 70 acres today and includes over 20 attractions. Complete with water rides, thrill rides, and kid rides the part has a little something for everyone. When the summer months come the water park area is a hit and people from miles come for its thrills, but year round the amusement park side is fully equipped with rides, food, and games. A fun family get-away in what is the largest amusement park the northwest has to offer Wild Waves provides a fun day for the family.  


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A few more things in Federal Way

sandartOnce a year thousands of people travel to Federal Way to see the annual sand sculpting tournament. Back in 1986 when the Agassiz-Harrison Lions Club voted to contribute a few hundred dollars to help out toward the cost of a sand sculpting demonstration I don’t think they knew what sand sculpting would turn into today. A world class championship the tournaments of sand sculpting have involved the Guinness Book of World Records too many times to boast. The World Championship of Sand Sculpting takes place in September and they leave the sculptures up for about a month afterward depending on weather conditions. Come to Federal Way the historic landmark of previous and future sand sculpting competitions. The event will have giant sandboxes for the smaller children to play in and sand sculpting classes for anyone interested to see if there is a sculptor in you. This year the event Flying Colors will take place where the artist John Gowdy hangs a giant canvas and throws paint at it to create a beautiful picture to be auction off with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. For a unique vacation experience come see the Sand Sculpting Tournament this year.