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fifieparkLocated east of Tacoma you can find the city of Fife, Washington. A small city with big dreams the city of use to just be known as the area between Interstate 5 and State Route 167. Over time as industries grew and traffic increased more commuters began to drive through Fife without looking twice. Growing frustrated about its lack of recognition the community of Fife took a stand and came together to turn their small town into something more and began to grow. Growing from 135 residents in 1940 to over 9,000 residents today I would say that this small town with big time dreams has proven to be very successful. Offering several retail stores, car sales, and proximity to larger towns at fractions of the price Fife has much to provide to the passer-by today. The best part of Fife is the tight knit community. The same families who came together to build Fife into what it is today continue to stand by their town proudly. In Fife you can find many community activities that would never happen in larger cities. From annual Car Shows, Harvest Festivals, Park appreciation days, Daughter and Daddy Sports day, and many others this community sticks together and celebrates their love for the town continuously. The town comes together monthly to watch a movie in the park. An opportunity to bring the family to the park, pack a picnic dinner and spend quality time with the community. For an opportunity to experience a town that is more of a family than a community look no further than Fife.


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A few more things in Fife

fifeIf you want to see the best of everything Fife has to offer at one time come for the annual Fife Harvest Festival. Grab some morning breakfast in the community center and chow down on some homemade pancakes. For the more athletic people there is a 5k run through town. Watch the parade through town after the race. Take your kids to get their face painted. Do to arts and crafts in the booths. Let the kids go crazy in the bouncy houses. Laugh at the clowns and be amazed by the magicians. Take the mini train ride around town or let your whole family race in the milk carton derby. Head over to the reptile petting zoo. Grab some lunch cooked up by the local chefs. Enjoy the day of free swimming in the salt water pool. Go try out see if the competition is too hot to handle in the chili contest. Enjoy the locomotive tour and stay up late to catch the fireworks. There is always something for every member of the family at this fun annual occasion.