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Conner Prairie Life in the 1800’s was a lot different than it is today. Your children will be astonished and in wonder at how American settlers got along in the world. How they built houses without power tools, churned butter, baked bread, and even took their weekly or even monthly bath. If traveling in Indiana it might be worth your while to possibly take a detour to the Conner Prairie an Interactive History Park and spend a day exploring. Conner Prairie is basically a living museum that covers acres of land. There is 6 main parts to the park the first is the welcome center where your voyage through time begins, you can find refreshments and details about the park here. After leaving the welcome venter you will mostly likely see the Balloon Voyage, here guests can learn about the rich history that ballooning has had in the development of aviation and the land. John Wise in 1859 tethered himself to a helium filled balloon and was able to see the landscape that is Conner Prairie from the air. This was the first time this area was seen from the skies. The last 4 areas are the meat of the park. In order of size from smallest to largest there is the Lenape Indian Camp, Conner Homestead, 1836 Prairietown, and then the 1863 Civil War Journey. The Civil War journey is one of the most popular attraction. Here guests get the chance to see what the Civil war was like see how cannons were fired, broken bones were healed, and what the soldiers ate. Admission varies by age and time of year. During the summer adults get in for $14, seniors $13, and kids for just $9; in the winter months its $6 for everyone.

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What to eat in Fishers

Peterson's Restaurant There is someday that just call for celebration. A day that can only be finished by sinking your teeth into a delicious steak that isn’t comprised by a bad cook, fat, or just a bad piece of meat. There are 3 ratings that the USDA gives steaks Select, Choice, Prime. Select is the type of meat that fast food restaurants use when they claim its steak. Choice is what your average restaurant uses its good meat overall and can be found at places like outback. The last rating is reserved for only the best beef. It is rated Prime and only 2% of beef in the United states is given this rating. With that being said a Prime steak is a little pricy but the difference in the quality is huge. After a long day of working or traveling only a Prime Steak can do and the only place to get it is Peterson’s Restaurant in Fishers Indiana. Peterson’s uses only Corn-fed and aged Prime beef in the restaurant. Family owned and operated by the Peterson family since 1999 it has been servers the Greater Indianapolis with only the best steaks. Since its opening it has been constantly rated as one of the top restaurants in Central Indiana. Specializing in steaks they are cooked perfectly to your liking. Choose from a delicious Filet or something a little larger like the Ribeye Steak what ever your choice is you will not be disappointed. Pair the steak with perfect topping and side dishes. My favorite was the Truffle butter and the Au Gratin potatoes.