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Flagstaff Extreme Flagstaff Extreme a high flying adventure. Flagstaff Extreme is a tree climbing adventure area that is filed with obstacles and rope bridges. The courses vary in difficulty so there is something for the whole family. With that being said it’s a great place to bring the family for some bonding time however it is really a great adult attraction as there are 4 adult courses. These courses are a little like putt putt golf. Each course is unique with different obstacles ranging from a simple rope bridge to a climbing net hung parallel to the ground. The courses also range in height to help build up to the toughest courses. The first and easier course starts at just 15 feet off the ground which is a little higher than a single story. The forth and most advanced course is about sixty feet in the air. Sixty feet high will make anyone who is the littlest bit afraid of heights huge the nearest tree and not let go. Flagstaff Extreme is tons of fun and a great way to bond with friends and family. Pricing for the courses are what you would expect for all four adult courses its $42 before tax and fees so expect to pay about $50 a person. If you only want to do the easier courses then you can get away for just $35. For kids ages 7-11 the kids course is only $25. Adult supervision is required for all minors however if you are unable to do the courses then Flagstaff offers private guiding for $45. There is an array of discounts from students to seniors.

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There is many different types of foods that you can think of when I say Arizona, Indian Cuisine however , is not one of them. If I was to go by that misconception then I would have missed out on one outstanding meal and a half. I say meal and a half not because the portions are huge, that is entirely up to you, but because this specific restaurant is a buffet. Delhi Palace is simple and such an amazing restaurant that it has been able to run for over 20 years. The buffet offers a wide array of dishes that every guest will love. There are mild dishes like mango chicken to more robust Indian flavors like Lamb Saag. The best part of Delhi Palace is the price, the buffet doesn’t come with some huge price tag like most buffets do but instead their lunch buffet is just $8.95. That’s a great price for an all you can eat dish let alone an entire all you can eat buffet. To make things better then is a Sunday special where that very same price includes either Champagne or a refreshing soft drink. The Buffet consists of Appetizers, Soups, Tandoori, Vegetables, Sea Food, Chicken Lam b Rice, Tandoori Breads, and deserts. The buffet each day has a total of 25 dishes to select from more than enough for each person to have what they want.