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Flint Institute of Art Museums are some of my most favorite places to stop while traveling its amazing to see how different places have preserved history and what counts as history some places and not at others. Art is one of those pieces of history that is continually adding up. It doesn’t take a big event that the world will remember to be a piece of history it only takes one person who loves the paining to think its worth preserving to make it a piece of history. It can go in a museum collection like the collection at Flint Institute of Arts in Flit Michigan. The museum has a very large and impressive collection of art that contains not only wall art but a courtyard of beautiful sculptures made from any material an artist could find. The museum is open 7 days a week. Money, Tuesday, Wednesday, and firday from noon to 5pm. Thursday is open late and the museum is open from noon to 9pm. Saturday it opens early at 10am and on Sunday opens late at 1pm and closes at 5pm. Admission is cheap at just $7 bucks for adults and $5 for students and seniors. If coming on a Saturday call ahead and find out how to take advantage of a promotion that Target is doing and get in on Saturdays free. The Museum is filled with a large Permanent collection but that really interesting art is in the temporary exhibits and that’s what your paying for the permanent collection is free to view every day.

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What to see in Flint

Malones Tavern I don’t know what it is about Burgers. They are some of the most popular foods in American and one of my lunch times cravings. There are many different types of burgers and they range from cheap to very expensive. Some places have made a $100 burger out of filet mignion just because they can. Over the years of traveling I have gotten tired of the plain burgers that are served at the standard fast food joints like McDonalds and burger king. I was happy when traveling through Flint Michigan to find Halo Burger. I had heard news about them in the past but never had a chance to eat at one. Halo Burger and been creating heavenly burgers since 1923 that’s over 90 years. Halo Burgers are credited for even creating the first flat bottom bun. Prior to 1923 a burger would be sold on a bun sliced in two and it wouldn’t always sit straight because the bottom was round like the top. Halo solved this problem and it soon became popular across America. Halo is also credited with being the first location to offer a deluxe burger. That’s adding mayo, lettuce, and tomato to a burger, they took it one step further and added green olives to the burger and to this day its one of their most popular burgers. I was stocked to try halo burgers and I’m not much on olives or tomatoes so I got the beefy double with bacon. It was a huge burger that I couldn’t finish but wanted to. The patties were fresh and I could tell they were made from real beef. The lettuce had a crunch to it and the American Cheese melted in your mouth.