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Ft. Collins Science Center Snuggled in at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains, is the beautiful town of Fort Collins, Colorado. It was first used as a military fort in 1864 and then incorporated into a town in 1873. Fort Collins has the excitement and many features of a larger city with the enjoyment of a small town feel. It is the home to Colorado State University, one of the nation's leading universities in research in environmental science, infectious disease, clean energy technologies and atmospheric science. It was founded in 1870 and first known as the Colorado Agricultural College before Colorado became a State. The town was placed on the National Register of historical places in 1978 and the city was declared a Preserve America town in 2005 by the White House. With all the history that lies in this town, there is definitely a lot to explore such as the Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center. The Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center has two changing exhibits that feature the history of Fort Collins as well as the cultural side of the town. The museum is going through some remodeling and opening more historical and science exhibits and even periodical changing exhibits to explore.

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A few more things in Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado Rentals Discount Annual Flower GardenBesides the historical aspect of Fort Collins, Colorado, there is also the Annual Flower Trial Garden at Colorado State University. The garden is very different and interesting because it is used for tests and research at the University to discover what flower types will grow and survive under the conditions of the environment in Fort Collins. The garden is filled with over 1,000 different types of plants and flowers that are planted from May to October and is open to the public year round. Looking for somewhere to quench your thirst? Check out some of Fort Collins seven breweries such as the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company, the Fort Collins Brewery, New Belgium Brewing Company, or CB & Potts Restaurant and Brewery. Until 1969 Fort Collins, Colorado was considered dry, and now the state ranked first in the country for volume produced in all breweries and the city is ranked second in production in all of Colorado. So kick back and relax and enjoy the mountain air while visiting Fort Collins, Colorado and all its history and fun things to enjoy while you're there. Be sure that you see everything that there is to see while you are on your visit by using discount car rentals from Enterprise and