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  • Thistle Hill House MuseumThistle Hill House Museum Fort Worth, Texas
    The Thistle Hill house was constructed for Electra Waggoner, the daughter of one of Fort Worth's richest cattle baron, W. T. Waggoner, who spent $46,000 to build this magnificent home, measures 11,000 square feet. Electra was in the Himalayas when she met Albert Buckman Wharton, in 1901, and they were married the next year at her family's estate, El Castile in Decatur, Texas. The extravagant house was finished in 1904, sitting atop a crest on Summit Avenue in the wealthier part of the city named Quality Hill, and it wasn't too long before the home was well known for its ostentatious and pretentious entertainment and parties. Albert was the owner and manager of the very first city auto and livery stable, also dealing in Franklin and Winston automobiles. The estate was then sold to Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Scott in 1911, who had been lengthy acquaintances of Electra's folks.

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Enterprise Rental Car Meacham Apt. - 4201 N. Main St.

Downtown Ft. Worth Enterprise Car Rental - 1001 Jones St. Ste 109

  • Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic SiteFt. Worth Stockyards National Historic Site Ft. Worth, Texas
    The Fort Worth stockyards are thought to be the history book of the livestock business in Texas, with each chapter represented by bricks and mortar buildings, men, wood corrals and music that were and still are part of the stockyards even now. The stockyards would hold a huge variety of people like the cowboys, bankers, cattlemen, stockyard workers, and bartenders; while the packing houses brought in the skinners, horse traders, butchers, hog dealers, bookkeepers, harlots, mule dealers and harness makers. From the period after the civil war up to and after the second world war, this business would be a big part of the city and state's economy, effectively affecting the employment and dollar volume of the region.

August 11, 2012