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Lotz House Museum   Franklin is an exciting civil war town with many great places to explore. A good place to start is the Lotz House; the house was built by Johann Albert Lotz. Johann was a master carpenter and so this was his show house. Mr. Lotz would bring potential clients to this home to show the range of his skills. The House had 3 fireplaces all with different designs. This one of a kind home managed to stand through the Civil War and today is the Lotz House Civil War House Museum. The House specializes in Civil War antiques, and eve offers an appraisal service for many items. The House Museum is open 9-5 Monday through Saturday and opens 1-4 on Sundays. Pricing is right for a one of a kind house, adults can get in for $10 seniors $9, children for $5, and parking is always free. The tours will take you through the entire house room by room there are many amazing artifacts stuffed into this little house so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. After exploring the many rooms of history don’t forge t visit the Lotz House Museum store. There you can find many one of a kind items on the Lotz House and the impact Franklin had in the civil war. There are posters, DVD’s, Stickers, toy cars, book, and much much more. The Lotz house is consider by many to be the best Civil War museum in the Franklin area and I’m sure that if you stop by and enjoy the history you will see why.

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What to explore in Franklin

Carnton Plantation   There are two other landmarks that you have to visit while in Franklin and yes they are Civil war related. The Carter House and the Carnton Plantation are a must see. The grounds which the Plantation and the Carter House sit on are the site of one of the Civil wars bloodiest battle. The Battle of Franklin Trust lasted 5 hour and made it the 5 most horrific hours of the Civil War. The Carter family was home during the Battle and sought refuge in the basement during the tragic times. The Plantation after the worse served as the largest field hospital after the battle. The Carter family also took 2 acres out of their own property to create a proper burial for the southerners who died from the battle of Franklin Trust. The Plantation and Carter house have been open to the public since the 1970s and 1953 respectively. These museums help to demonstrate the great humanity that come out of men and women during a time of war. Admission to these amazing properties is just $15 for adults, $12 for seniors, and children 6-12 are $8 for each property. However if you are planning to visit each site which I would recommend admission for all 3 historic sites is just $30 that is for the Carter house, Carnton Plantation, and the Lotz Museum. These museums have rooms and rooms filled with amazing civil war area exhibits and works of art. If in the Franklin area you just have to make time out of your day to see them.