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Civil War Medcine Museum There is only a few things in history that make me cringe. There is the major wars and the holocaust, but on a smaller scale what really makes me think “they really did that?” is field medicine. Today field medicine is still crude but better than it has ever been. However in the past such as in the Civil War field medicine was very crude. It sets my teeth on edge to look at medical instruments that were used to perform amputations. Beyond that to see what types of painkillers were used, some of the most commonly used was a stout bottle of whiskey and a stick of wood to grind your teeth into. Today this history is persevered at the Civil War Medicine museum in Frederick Maryland. This museum was original started in 22 years ago during the year of 1990. Throughout the last 22 years it has outgrown 2 buildings and is comprised of the main original museum and two satellite campuses. Each of the museums focus on the types of medicine that were used during the Civil War. Its educational to see and the museum does a great job at displaying all of its exhibits. The Civil War Medicine museum is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm during the week and from 11am to 5pm on Sunday. Walk-in admission is about average at just $7.50 for an adult and $7 for students, seniors, and military. Kids ager 10-16 can get in for $5.50 and under 10 is free. It’s a great place to take the family for a day of learning about the civil war and hour they cured different ailments.

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What to see in Frederick

Volt Restaurant There is a few restaurants around the U.S. that you just have to eat at. They are ones that are constantly packed out night after night and have Chefs that noted across the world. The small town of Frederick Maryland has one of those little gems in the Restaurant Volt. The restaurant is led by head chef Bryan Voltaggio. Bryan gets most of his appearance from his position as runner up in the 6th season of the hit show “Top Chef.” Walking up to the restaurant you may not know about the history the chef has to offer but you will for sure make a note about the beautiful building the restaurant resides in. What can only be described as a mansion was built in the early 1890’s. The mansion is 3 built from bricks and totals 8,000 square feet. It was built to be the largest and most decorated home and Fredeerick and many would say it is the most beautiful home in Frederick even still to this day. The food at Volt is just out of this world, but comes with a price. This is normal outside of the range of what I would pay for food, well outside that range. This however was worth it, they server up a couple different options with a 4 course Prix Fixe Menu at $80 a person. Each and every dish is personally prepared by the Chef and is designed to be eaten in such a way that they complement one another. It was delicious and a time that I will never forget.