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Things to do in Frisco

dnbThe perfect place to eat and play, Dave & Buster’s offers something for everyone.  Come first for dinner and enjoy a great meal. From chicken fingers to pasta the menu at Dave and Buster’s is second to none. Don’t forget to order a giant chocolate desert! There are several meals that come with benefits to use in the rest of the facility later. This is the part where most families split because this facility offers something for adults and something for the kids; or something for the kid in an adult. The lively bar keeps the adults more than happy. Play some pool  or join the shuffleboard. Don’t forget to grab a half price drink special because it doesn’t matter what mood you came in to the bar with this place will always have you leaving with a smile. The kids will always make a bee line straight to the arcade. This not just any arcade this arcade will blow your mind. From virtual reality games to old school Pac-Man you will stay smiling as you wiz around the different games. Don’t worry these games give you tickets that aren’t for your normal rinky dink prizes. Win giant teddy bears, power controlled boats, or t-shirts. Whether you are coming for a large get together or just your average date night there is something here for everyone.

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A few more things in Frisco

texasgardenFrisco is home to one of the largest collections of Texas sculpture on public display. Free of charge you can walk around the town and in Hall Office Park you will find something quite remarkable. The 40 large scale pieces. All pieces are owned by Craig Hall who recently added 100 other pieces. From the background of the winding trails to the mountains and parries the artwork seems to be all in its place as if it is meant to be here.  T he Texas Sculpture Garden was created to benefit the Texas community by honoring the talent of homegrown artists and making their work accessible to everyone. The open availability of the artwork leaves you to feel comfortable to appreciate it and admire it as you please. Take a goofy picture and be yourself. That is what art is about, freedom of expression, and they free feel and location of this artwork leaves you to experience art as it was designed.