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Washingtonian Center I always forget to bring things when I travel, sometimes its small like a toothbrush, and other times its large like an entire outfit for a wedding. This leads me to looking for places throughout the states to shop. While in Orlando the best place is the Florida mall, Atlanta Georgia had 7 different malls to shop at, and while in Gaithersburg Maryland or anywhere close the best place is the Washingtonian Center. The Washingtonian Center a one of a kind premiere Shopping center in Maryland it has over 760 thousand square feet of shopping, entertainment, and dinning floor space. Living in Florida I grew up with the Florida Mall in my back yard and was spoiled. Its one of the biggest in the south east and is completely indoors. It wasn’t till I started traveling that I noticed how some other malls are outdoors. This started to bother me at first because you have to walk from store to store in the hot summer sun. This wasn’t that big of a deal in Maryland because even in the summer it wasn’t burning hot. It was easy to get from store front to store front without sweating. We went on a Saturday and parking was a little bit of a problem. We got put in a back corner and had to walk some distance to get to the stores. Once we were there and found a map the store we wanted was on the other side of the mall. We should have got back in the car and drove but we decided to take a walk and it was nice because along the way we got to see all the unique shops that we wanted to come back to.

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What to see in Gaithersburg

Dogfish Alehouse I was excited to see the Dogfish head Alehouse in Gaithersburg Maryland. I thought they might sell Dogfish as a meal, I had never had it and I always enjoy giving a new fish a try. After sitting down I quickly found out that it wasn’t on the menu and it was more of an icon for their beer and less of a meal. This was slightly disappointing but I was ok with it because they had their own Brewery! I love a good micro brew and Dogfish did not disappoint. They had a huge selection of beefs both domestic, micro, and imported on tap. The price on beer was spot on and was perfect. The Food on the other hand was just out of this world. The seafood seemed to be fresh and the servers said they used never frozen fish with is the only way to go in a restaurant like this. We came in for dinner and I’m a sandwich guy take any meat and put it between a bun and it takes better in my opinion. I had to go with the wood grilled salmon sandwich. Yes I said wood grill they only use gas for the stove here and all of their food and the restaurant is infused with that delicious natural flavor that comes from cooking over wood. The Salmon Sandwich came with melted Gorgonzola cheese a mustard grain sauce and the normal greens. The most fantastic part of the sandwich was the bread it was ciabatta. I have no idea what that means but it was absolutely delicious and I was get it again and again if I could. The sandwich was served with a beach fries which are cut and fried fresh , they were delicious. I took them one step further and covered with cheddar cheese and smoked apple wood bacon.