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garlandGarland Texas had its starts way before Texas was even a state. The desire for the area was because of its rich black soil. At the time (1800s) cotton was the largest cash crop with the highest desire. Black soil was the most ideal soil for cotton growth and because of the abundance of black soil in the area settlement was immediate. The settlers flocked to the area in hopes of supplying the ever growing cotton demand. By the 1860s the area made enough cotton to support the establishment of two cotton gins. With a full functioning cotton economy the town began to boom and post offices and railroads were put in. As the town continued to grow and people came from across the state to live in the prosperous area. However in the early 1900s a large tornado came through the town and killed over a dozen people and the town was severely destroyed. The town rebuilt and started again but no sooner than the town got up on its feet a huge drought came through making people travel elsewhere for a way to live. The town has recently gone through revitalization with several additions to make the town a new again. With the new face lift on the town the people of the town have found a new light on the town have made it a hip spot for visiting. If you wish to see the artifacts of the town you can stop by the Landmark Museum and see the old rail cars and newspapers of the town. See the history of a true Texas town in Garland.

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A few more things in Garland

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