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Majestic Star Casino Some people look down at casinos because they are just a waste of money. I don’t see how that is true. When going to a casino to gamble with a set limit you have a chance to walk away with more money then you entered with. The odds might be slim but they are still present. Gambling can be lots of fun but it can also be dangerous, you can lose a lot of money real quick. The best thing I’ve found is to go in with a set amount of money and when you’re done you’re done. Spending money on gambling is much like spending money going to Disney land, just at a casino you have a chance for a return. At Disney the only odds there are is that you will spend more money then you had originally planned to. The residents and tourists of Gary Indiana are lucky enough to have a great casino & hotel nearby. Located just 25 minutes south of the windy city The Majestic Star serves as a top notch casino. There is over 1900 slots to choose from with spins ranging in prices from $1 to $100. If you want to play something a little more involved don’t worry there are over 70 tables on the gaming floor to choose from. There is even a nighty live poker room with varying limits from $3 to $500 minimums. The Majestic Star spares no expense in providing their guests the best in dining and entertainment. On most weekend get the chance to enjoy both young local bands as well as great regional bands. There is 4 different dinning opens like the Steakhouse, a buffet, Wings N Things, and even the Jackpot Java.

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What to eat in Gary

Steel City Cheesesteaks While travel Gary, Indiana I let me kids pick out things that they wanted to do. My son wanted to go the Gary Aquarium I said sure and away we went. When we arrived at the address however I noticed I should have looked at the name a little closer. We were at the Gary Aquatorium and not an aquarium, big difference. An aquatorium is well… a public bath house. Today it isn’t used as a bath house but instead is a National Historic Landmark and great place to house banquets and other events. It has a stunning view of Lake Michigan. This however was not what my son was expecting and was rather disappointed. I had to make it up to him quick and I asked a local where is the best place to eat. I was pointed to Steel City Cheesesteaks, this local joint wasn’t the biggest but let me tell you what it was the best cheese steak I have ever had. The owner was present and even on the grill. I got to talking and he said the key is in fresh meat, he gets his meat cut daily from a nearby butchers shop. The Cheese is another important park that goes into the steaks regular cheese slices won’t cut it here they take it right off a huge block and melt the cheese into the meat. It ends up as a big mess of cheese, steak, onions, and peppers on a bun but it is o so delicious. Stopping for the cheese steaks raised the spirits of my son and we were off again to enjoy our vacation.