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Adventure Landing Family attractions are really a thing of the past it isn’t often that you find something that the whole family enjoys. Today there is the classic family attractions that are still alive and a few of them are mini golf, batting cages, and a good old arcade. There is something about these classic games that bring the family together. The best part is that it is usually priced well. Going to an amusement park with a family of 5 can cost well into the 300-500 dollar range. Not at a family fun park though. At Adventure Landing in Gastonia a family can enjoy hours of fun for low and reasonable price. Sunday is family fun day and you can get 4 games of mini golf and 20 arcade tokens for just $22 bucks. That’s a real steal and lots of fun. The golf course is one of a kind uniquely designed to fit into the lush jungle theme of adventure land. Enjoy 18 challenging holes of golf. Just watch out for those water traps because its never fun to walk up to the front desk and ask for another ball because you’re a lousy putt. If you get tired of swing a putter then set it down and pick up a bat and helmet. Adventure Land has 7 different batting cages offering slow medium, and fast speeds for baseball and softball. The arcade is also lots of fun with a large selection of games it will keep the whole family busy until your coins run out.

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What to eat in Gastonia

Tony's Every town has those landmarks or businesses that people use to give directions. Take a left at Tony’s or if you hit Tony’s then you have gone to far. Well when traveling through Gastonia a local used Tony’s as that landmark and they said if we wanted ice cream it was the best place within 100 miles. That peaked my interest as I love ice cream. I didn’t however relies just how amazing Tony’s was going to be and I really wasn’t prepared for the fact that all of their ice cream is made from scratch just next door. Tony’s has 28 delicious classic flavors to choose from and serves them up by the scope like it should be. Pricing is decent and cheaper than a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Tony’s also serves up a pretty good sandwich and hot dog as well. They get all of their meat from the local butcher so its fresh and tastes great. It takes a few minutes to get your food however because they serve move ice cream then food but its still a great place to grab a bite. If you want to take some ice cream home don’t grab the crab from the supermarket but instead just get a half gallon for $5.50 its about the same price as the big brands but doesn’t include all the extra preservatives and artificially flavorings. It’s a perfect size for the family and a great price.