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Butler's Orchard Living in Florida there is only a few things that we grow. The most abundant is oranges and the second is Strawberries. They aren’t very exciting and you can easily get tired of them. While traveling through Maryland we decided to stop in at Butlers Orchard. It was more than we could have hoped for it was just at the start of fall and was nice and cool outside. The history behind the orchard and the farmers market was just a really great story. The family which run the market today was the same family which started the orchard back in the 60’s. It was great to see that family owned farms are still around and I was happy to spend some money in their market are some delicious fruit. As a child growing up we went north to visit with family and often times ran across wild blackberries and black raspberries. They were always hard to pick but so delicious when you finally got them because the bushes were covered with thorns and it was almost impossible to get away without a set of scratches. I was amanzed to hear that the orchard had a thornless blackberry and raspberry patch. Better yet it was pick your own berries. We got to take the kids out into the patch and fill a big basket full of perfectly ripe berries that we enjoyed for the rest of our travels. The orchard and farmers markets was a great place to stop and stretch our legs. We got to enjoy a piece of history and get a delightful snack.

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What to see in Germantown

Agrodolce Restaurant In a town like Germantown Maryland its always best to ask the locals were to eat. They will always know the best places and often times the best are hard to find. This town was no different I was able to find out about Agrodolce from the farmers market. When describing the restaurant they said it was gourmet Italian with a twist. They had me hooked and I couldn’t wait till dinner. The locals raved about the chef and that it isn’t your run of the mill Italian place with a group of line cooks but has nightly specials that are changed depending on what the local market has to offer. Its in a strip mall but that doesn’t take away from the beautiful interior and the quite little patio out front. Its perfect for a cool fall evening sipping on wine and enjoying the company of friends and family. The chef here takes the classics and adds to them he doesn’t just want to give his customers a meal that is filled but istead wants to give them something that they will cherish and come back for. The specials are always changing and I can say I have never ordered from the menu. I always order off the special board and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Family and friends have ordered and got the delicious pizzas like grilled chicken pizza, that has only $13 bucks and had chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, basil, tomato sauce and covered in mozzarella cheese.