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Hale Centre Theatre Theatre is a wonderful thing, there is something special about watching actors live feet in front of you. Over 60 years ago in 1947 there was a couple who had a love for theatre and it drove them to open their first theatre. Ruth and Nathan Hale had a love for theater and opened their very first theater in 1947 in the town of Glendale, California. The theater sat 110 people and was named the Hale Centre Theatre. The couple quickly became popular and had to grow they sold several theatres over the years to partners and family who still carry on the Hale name today. Ruth and Nathan grew old and decided to retire however not long after that they became board and went looking for another location for a theatre. It wasn’t long until they found the location in Gilbert and opened their last location and named it as original as their first Hale Centre Theatre. This theatre as the fifth theatre opened and operated by the Hales. All of the theatre are still opened and operated by separate family members and its is said that the Hale Centre line is the longest continually operating Centre stage theatre in the country. A Centre theatre is different then most theatres because there are setting on all sides, and the stage is in the center hence Centre theatre. Shows are put on nightly and can be bought for 20 bucks a piece, the price is well worth it for the show. Shows rotate regularly so go and see them all.

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1140 N. GILBERT ROAD #111

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Gilbert Historical Museum Historical Museums are the centerpiece for recording history in our country. They are charged with the task of recording their town or county’s history for as long as they can. The town of Gilbert is blessed to have a great museum that is making recording and displaying history a big deal. The Gilbert Historical Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday form 9 to 4. The museum just $5 for an adult $4 for seniors, and $3 for kids under 12. The pricing is great but what you are going to ant to see is the many exhibits that Gilbert Historical Museum there are 9 exhibit rooms that each have a different themes ranging from “generations” to “Model Train Exhibit”. All of the rooms are great and you will want to spend time reading about the rich history that each artifact holds. The members of the historical society are constantly trying to make the museum at better place by acquiring new items and showcasing old. Exhibits are often changing as the museum has more artifacts then they can show. My favorite exhibit in the museum is the train room. It is one of the newest exhibits and not complete but each week it grows larger and closer to completion. The Gilbert Model Railroad Club has paired up with the historical museum in an effort to produce a historical accurate train set of Gilbert during WWII. Gilbert as a town was started because of the railways that slice through its city blocks.