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Things to do in Gillette

gilletteWelcome to a small town with a big hunger for fun! There is always something fun and exciting going on in Gillette and while you are in town you can discover a world of fun. Maybe while you are in town you can also find plenty of things that are relaxing to do. If you are looking for a challenging yet relaxing activity to do while you are in Gillette look no further than the Bell Nob Course. Pick up a set of golf clubs or bring your own and head off to this short layout has 3 sets of teeboxes for a fun, but challenging golfing experience. This privately owned golf resort is well taking care of and always offers a friendly staff. Stop by the grille and grab a bite to eat or just stop at the bar and grab a drink to put the rest of your trip worries behind you. This stop is all about you having a good time and relaxing for a few hours. The Bell Nob Course offers over 6,000 yards of golf from the championship tees with a par of 70. The facility was officially opened in 1981 and had been family owned ever since. This golf course gives you everything a larger town could offer from the water hazards, bunkers, blue grass, and sand dunes. Don’t worry if you weren’t fully prepared when you got here the facility offers a Pro Shop where you can pick up anything you may have left behind, or just realized you needed when you got there. Have a blast in Gillette with green like this we know you will.

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A few more things in Gillette

gillettAnother cool thing to do while you are in Gillette is to look at the stars. While you may think that we are talking about grabbing a blanket on a crisp winter night and looking at the great views in the sky we actually mean something different. Don’t worry about the weather and go inside the Campbell County School District Planetarium is housed at Sage Valley Jr. High School. This is truly a special treat for any visitor or local that happens to be looking for something to do but the Planetarium has a lot going for it. The Campbell County School District Planetarium is not only the first to feature the Goto Chronos II in the United States but it is also one of only a few Planetariums in world to offer this show for free. You may be wondering what is so special about the Goto Chronos II? This star projector has the amazing ability to show nearly 8000 stars in the 30 foot dome theater. With a point projected Milky Way and many deeps sky objects the Chronos II projects over 3 million objects onto the dome. The universe is already a mystifying and wonderful place and thanks to Gillette you now have the ability to explore the regions of space right here in Gillette, Wyoming.