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Things to do in Goldsboro

Wayne County Museum Goldsboro is a part of Wayne County and it is the home for the free and open to the public Wayne County Museum. The museum is a small but delightful local museum that is focused on preserving the history and heritage in Wayne County. The Museum was founded in 1986 and like many other local museum it got underway with a generous donation from the Woman’s Club. The Club donated the classical Jeffersonian style building that it resides in today. It was constructed in 1927 and was even the home of the U.S.O. in the 1940’s. It took two full years for the museum to officially open in 1988 and ever since each year the museum grows larger and even rotates impressive exhibits yearly keeping what they have to offer fresh and new for returning guests. The Wayne County Museum is open Tuesday from 11 am to 8 pm, then Wednesday through Saturday from 11-4 except on Saturday when the museum is only open from noon to 4. The county museum is small but has a lot to offer and one of the most intriguing exhibits is a diorama of the Battle of Goldsborough Bridge. It is a part of the Civil War collection and is a reenactment of the battle in all its glory.

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What to eat in Goldsboro

Mc Call’s Bar-B-Que & Seafood BBQ is the best meal of the day. That is the saying at McCall’s Bar-B-Que in Goldsboro North Carolina. Mc Call’s has been open since 1989 and its been family owned and operated the entire time. No corporate hand has a play in this delicious local eatery. Its a local landmark and is a perfect spot for family and friends to gather for a great lunch or dinner. Serving up the best home-style food in the area offering a large selection of BBQ and seafood. There is also lunch and dinner specials that just can’t be beat. There is a set lunch specials that run from 11 to 2 daily from Monday to Saturday and it’s a perfect deal. Monday you can get a delicious friend pork shop or Tuesday a chicken pastry. All the food is grown locally and brought straight from the local farm or market. If seafood is more your style then don’t worry the Calabash style cooking is out of this world, two portion if each entrée make it perfect for anyone. Have shrimp 3 different ways fresh scallops, flounder , deviled crabs, clam strips, trout, or even oysters which price depends on the market but is always a decent deal. McCall’s Bar-B-Que & Seafood is a delicious stop and a great deal for any meal on any day.