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Crowfield Plantation Golf course  South Carolina is a beautiful state with rolling hills and green grass. That green grass turns into green greens, and yes I mean golf courses. In your visit to Goose Creek you will find many great golf courses but one that is worth taking yourself to is on Crowfield Plantation. In the middle of this golf course lies the ruins of a once great plantation house. Broom Hall once stood in an area tucked away now between the greens. The ruins are still there today and can be explored if you take a few steps off the path. The house was built in 1730 surrounded by great oaks, a pond, and a garden. The Garden which lay to the side of Broom Hall was said to the most magnificent in all the Carolinas'. Today little remains of the garden except its sixteen foot tall viewing mound. This mound was terraced and planted to visitor could climb to the top and see the entire garden from one spot. Today the Pond that the house reflected off of in its hay day is still there, vibrant with life it still is a sight to explore. Crowfield Golf and country club is also a great place to go and golf. Its not like every other course in the area, it prides itself in being a thinking man's course as it doesn't require a strong swing but a smart and accurate one. Most Holes are shorter then other clubs but the parred the same because of the difficult shots. Crowfield has hosted South Carolina's PGA championship 3 separate time, making this a course the even the best get a challenge from.

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What to explore in Goose Creek

Goose Creek Parks   During spring and fall South Carolina can be the most beautiful state out there and what better to do with that beauty then head outside and enjoy the sunshine. Goose Creek has an abundance of parks to choose from. One of these beautiful parks is Lake Greenview. This park is filled with green grass, trees, kids playgrounds, and many places for picnics wither you want to be under a covered area or out in the sun. Lake Greenview park also has walking trails which will keep you busy for some time. When walking keep your eyes open for wild. If its Saturday you should think about trying out Dogwood park. located off of Liberty Hall road, it is the main soccer an d football fields so if you like to watch those sports this is the place for you. Dogwood park is a great place to bring your family during the week as well there are covered picnic areas and grills for enjoying a meal out doors. Goose Creek 13 different parks to chose from and which ever you choose to go to you will be pleas with the parks and how well it is kept up. Goose Creek is a beautiful city with many parks and attractions to enjoy. While walking the parks be sure to keep an eye out for the posted historic site. The Goose Creek mayor has been working for years to make the historic sites better known. Throughout the parks there are what look like elegant signposts with the history of the land. Its a great opportunity to teach and be taught about the land your living on or visiting.