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Greenville Museum of Art Greensville is a beautiful town and it has had many people in its history that have impacted the community with works of Art. Over the years people began to collect these works and eventually the Grenville Museum of Art was formed. The Museum was originally started way back in 1935 with the help of the WPA or Works Progress Administration which was a federal sponsored group. It lasted for several years under the WPA until the government decided to terminate WPA in 1943. That obviously wasn’t the end of the Museum because it is still here today. Mrs. Rachel Maxwell Moore took control and headed up the museum and made it into what it is today a little at a time. Today The Greenville Museum of Arts or GMA is a center piece in the town it is a center for learning exploration through the arts. The building today is itself a piece of art. It’s a two story red brick building that is beautiful. The inside is ever better it had light colored hardwood floors and a staircase that has beautiful iron railing. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday during the week its hours are 10-4:30 and on the weekend its open from 1-4. Come anytime for a wonderful time, relax and enjoy the quite as you soak in the many different forms of artwork made throughout the ages.

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What to eat in Greenville

B's Barbeque There are many restaurant that I’ve planed to eat at but once I drove up I decided to take my chances else where, and this place is one that I’m glad I didn’t drive away. B’s Barbecue is a wonderful little hole in wall. There isn’t many places that I’ve been that have been quite this down to earth. There is no phone, no ac, and no website. The closest you get when searching about them in reviews on Yelp or some travel websites. Despite all of that they managed to make the best barbeque in Eastern North Carolina. While trying them out I got talking with a few locals and there was one gentleman who has been eating at B’s barbeque since 1986 says he comes every week and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. They cook the food fresh daily and only use fresh local ingredients so it is possible for them to run out. I was told its best to come early because the BBQ Chicken is to die for and it runs out often. Everything sounded so good that I had to go for a comb platter to enjoy both the pork and the chicken. You can’t come expecting fancy plates either Barbeque in its nature isn’t high class and at B’s they don’t pretend to make it anything that it isn’t. if you are looking for delicious food that will keep you full for days this is the place.