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BMW Plant   South Carolina is filled with lush forests and beautiful rolling hills. Its beauty that can been seen from all around. However, in Greer There is another kind of beauty to look at. When the summer sun has beat you to the ground make sure you take a look at the Zentrum Museum. Now this isn't your normal Museum because it has nearly 4,600 workers, and thousands of robots working daily. Zentrum museum is at the BMW manufacturing plant in Greer. It is the only BMW manufacturing plant in the US. Zentrum Museum has everything BMW you could ever want, old cars and new. When yu get board of looking at an endless amount of cars with shinny paint jobs it will be time for you to schedule a tour at the factory. Yes, that is right take a tour into the manufacturing plant. There you will get to see how the cars are transformed from metal frame into a engineering masterpiece and what is considered to be the best cars on the road today. After their professional tour guides take you threw the entire facility take a look at into signing up for a driving class. BMW has what they call the BMW experience and you have to LIVE IT, EXPERIENCE IT, and DRIVE IT. In these driving classes BMW will put you up with one of their driving instructions and teach you how to drive a car like a NASCAR driver getting the most out of each turn, how to master a hair pin or power slide around a corner. BWM will even let you drive threw their off-road course to show you how their sport utility vehicles are the best on the market.


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What to explore in Greer

Hollywild Animal Park   If visiting Greer you will be looking for something fun to do, and you can find it right outside of the city at the Hollywild Animal Park. Hollywild is a favorite of the locals and has many exciting animals to see, pet, and feed. Hollywild has numerous feeding stations thought out the park that allows guests to feed and get personal with the animals they know and love. Currently Hollywild is offering very special opportunity in which you can play for thirty minutes with a baby bear cubs. These new born cubs are still small enough to play and hold safely. This Bear encounter is a fundraiser for the Hollywild Animal Park to help with reinventing the bear exhibit. The encounter cost $100 for two people and then $50 for each person up to 6 people with it being discounted to $250 at that point. It might seem a little steep however when are you ever going to get to hug a bear again? When was the lat time you saw baby bear cubs that were playful? Regular admission to Hollywild is $12 for adults, $10 for students and military, and $8 for seniors, handicapped, and children. There are many other great things to do at Hollywild Animal Park there are beautiful animals in their habitats, such an furious lions and tiger. Hollywild also offers a special safari ride through-out a 70 acres with hears of roaming zebras. Hollywild animal park is a great place to take your family, and teaching the young ones about the importance of animals in our world.