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4th Street Brewing A good restaurant is a hard thing to perfect but sometimes it does happen. In Gresham Oregon there is a locally owned pub that is creating quite a fuss. 4th Street Brewing is one of Gresham’s only local brewing company it offers a great selection of both local and imported beers. 4th Street Brewing doesn’t just offer beers though. They have a sports bar, a family dinning area, and two huge private dining rooms with state of the art technology that is perfect for business meetings to wedding rehearsal dinner. 4th Street Brewing as a beer company has one goal and that is to create consistent beer in a variety of flavors. There are 5 mainstay brews that can always be found then a few seasonal ones as well. The mainstay flavors are original and there is sure to be a beer for everyone. The mainstays consist of Gresham Light, Demented Duck Amber, Black Roots Blonde, Powell Porter, and Eager Beaver IPA. The Gresham Light and the Black Roots Blonde are my favorite brews each is easy to drink yet has a distinctive taste they are great beers and blow away the national beers every time. 4th Street Brewing’s food menu is large and consist of a special menu for both lunch and dinner time, it consists of some unexcitingly good pub food. Dinner entrees are priced between 10 and 20 bucks, they are well worth the price get dishes like Slammin’ Stuffed Salom or Mac Attack they are all great dishes and you should try them all. Bring the whole family or just the guys either way 4th Street Brewing is a perfect solution to lunch, dinner, or just siting back to watch your favorite team.

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What to explore in Gresham

Persimmon Country Club Sometimes when there is nothing left to do you just have to golf, and being part of a great country club is a big part of it. In Gresham Oregon you can become a member of the Persimmon Country Club. The Persimmon is a world class country club that is second to no other club in Oregon. Persimmon offers many great amenities but lets get down to the real reason you will join the country club… to golf. Persimmon’s golf course is 18 holes and a par 71, it’s a combined total of 6,445 yards and a championship level course. It sits between the mounts and rolling hills of Gresham. The fairways are sheltered and well kept, and the greens are absolutely perfect not a strand of grass is ever out of place. Besides golfing the club has lots of choices for the whole family. There is a tennis area where family and friends can have a friendly match or sign up for a completive event. The country club has in house coaches that can help players of any skill level. If you just want to cool off then take a plunge in the Junior Olympic sized swimming pool if you need a little more exercise the club boasts a large gym with state of the art cardiovascular and weight training equipment that can be used my members of any age. If you live in Gresham and are looking for a great club to join then Persimmon Country Club is the one for you.