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Things to do in Hamilton

okapiWelcome to Hamilton a fun, vibrant city in Ohio with a lot to offer. Hamilton is near many fun attractions that your family will love to be around. Just a few miles away from Hamilton you will find the Cincinnati Zoo. This Zoo is not only big in size but also has plenty of animals to offer and these animals are well taken care of and are also friendly and welcoming to visitors.  As you walk into the zoo you will find yourself at the Elephant reserve where you can come up close and personal with several of these two ton animals. Next the Discovery Cove will show you some awesome amphibians. From spiny with toes to slimy with no legs at all. Go to the giraffe reserve and meet some of these tall lovable creatures. Over in wings of the world you can meet several birds of flight that have the ability to wow you in remarkable ways. Take to the jungle trails and meet some more of your favorite animals then take off to the aquatic side of things and meet the cows of the sea. As you watch these manatees float around you will love their underwater grace. From rhinos, to lions, bears, to kio fish, this place truly has ever animal you could ever want to meet. A fun day at the zoo awaits you right next to Hamilton, Ohio.

Time to get out and enjoy the amusement parks and zoo of Hamilton! Too make it even better Enterprise Rent-A-Car is offering low rates for Hamilton, Ohio residents. With this much to offer why wait? Make your reservation from home today.

A few more things in Hamilton

kingsislandIf you are looking for a collection of the best roller coaster, fantastic kids areas, awesome food, excellent entertainment, and beach front fun look no further than King's Island Amusement Park! To start off with the thrill seekers can jump on Millennium Force, the coaster that drops at speeds reach over 90 mph, drops down 300 foot drops and has been rated the best steel roller coaster in the planet. If that isn’t enough for the thrill seekers in your family have them jump on the Thrill Dragster which will take you to you up over 400 feet and just drop you. There are also a large section of kid-sized coasters for the smaller people in your family that still want to have a fun time. There a large section of games for kids of all sizes where fun can be had and prizes can be won. While you’re here you might as well go ahead and grab a world famous hot dog! Whether you order the King's Island Dog or the Today Show Dog you will be more than happy with the dog you sink your teeth into. The newer attraction to Cedar Point is the Soak City water park. This attraction offers tons of water rides for everyone in your family! Challenge your friends in a water race or go swimming in the wave pool and swim the day away. Spend your days on King's Island Beach and relax the day away. Play some beach volleyball or just enjoy the beauty of Lake Erie. After spending your days on the beach spend the night watching one of the many shows or at a local nightly entertaining bar. There’s more to offer here than a whole day could hold so you might want a a two day pass but make sure to stop by!