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El Taco Real Wow your cooking is good enough to be in a restaurant. That was the comment that spired a life time of cooking for Raymundo Alcorta Garcia and his wife Esther Anguiana Garcia. El Taco Real restaurant was created from that one simple concept and after 35 years its still growing. El Taco Real was opened on April Fools day in 1974 in what was a little less than a restaurant. There was a few booths and stools for takeout that were covered in a Turquoise blue. It’s the blue that is so outdated in todays restaurant industry. El Taco Real has been a family owned and operated business from day one. Dad bought the food, cut the meat, and shredded the lettuce. Mom cooked did most of the daily dinner prep. The daughters ran the front of house and the books. The son helped to do dishes. El Taco Real has been a family business from start and from the top down. It serves up the best Mexican food and service. In fact its even in their mission state meant “Our goal is to provided the very best Mexican food.” Its kind of hard to argue with a restaurant that knows what they provided and they that succeeded in it. While dining at El Taco Real I like to keep it simple and go with a Burrito Dinner. Its served as two large flour tortillas stuffed with what ever you want pork, beef, chicken, cheese, its your decision. Enjoy if with your friends or take the family out its great for any occasion.

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Schoop’s Hamburgers 15 cents for a hamburger I would be all over that. There is only one problem that was the price which Allen Schoop sold his hamburgers for in 1948. Nearly 60 years later prices have changed however they are still the best yet cheapest priced burgers you can’t find anywhere. Allen created Schoop’s Hamburgers in 1948 and they have been described by the newspapers as the “finest hamburgers this side of the moon”. The company has been successful from its opening in serves delicious freshly pressed hamburgers out of only freshest ground beef. The burgers today have gone up in price from the 15 cents they were original sold for but that is to be expected. The traditional hamburger can be bought for just $4.39. make it a special hamburger with twice the meat for just 2 bucks more. These burgers are guarantee to fill you up when paired with crispy bacon and French fries. The menu has expanded as the years have gone by and today it includes chicken sandwiches, tuna, melts, B.L.T., and even the Fried Egg Sandwich. It’s a great place to bring the kids to give them a taste of what hamburgers used to taste like before fast food restaurants started mass producing them.