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Things to do in Harrisburg

dollhouseWelcome to every little girls wildest dream come to you in an adult fashion. Even grownups never truly let go of their love for dolls. Walk up to a life size doll house and prepared to be amazed. This restored Victorian home is designed to make you feel like you are inside of that same doll house that once sat in your childhood bedroom floor.  Enjoy extraordinary collection of dolls and toys in this walk through home. The collection of over 5,000 dolls stretch back in history from 1840 making this the Doll House Museum. As you walk through the Victorian Museum 10 magical rooms greet you all filled with history and appreciation for childhood toys. Be greeted in the parlor as you see the oldest collection of dolls stretching from 1840 to 1925. Make your way to the dining room and play make believe with the dress up dolls. In the kitchen you will find the toys walls and walls of toys.  The bedroom gives you a full Gone with the Wind display. The toy room is magical in and of itself with the Disney magic. Even the bathroom is filled with baby dolls.  As you walk down the hall you will find a walk across the world displayed in the dolls found there. The G.I. Joe headquarters await you in their own tent. There are over 1,000 Hot Wheels on display in the home and a large 0 Gauge Train. The library presents you with famous people represented through dolls; entertainers, movie stars, singers, athletes, and presidents.  The museum also is home to a 1900’s style ice cream parlor which is filled with Barbies so whether you are here for a special occasion of just a girl’s night out you can grab a special treat at the end.

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A few more things in Harrisburg

watergolfEnjoy putt putt golfing like never before. This wonderfully landscaped 18 hole Golf course is located on scenic city island. Surrounded by water this course is themed all around it. Covered in climbing Rose and Hydrangea Trellis the course is decked out in exotic flowers and plants to add even more appeal to this over the top course. With many observatory spots the course lets you take moments to stop and take a picture of the picturesque backdrop. Don’t start thinking that the beautiful landscape will give you an easy going course because this challenging course offers water hazards, water falls, and a 60 foot walking bridge that spans two scenic bluffs. No matter what age 3 to 93 you will love this course and the cool summer breezes, and breathtaking sunsets will give visitors to Water Golf one of the most scenic rounds of miniature golf they have ever experienced.