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Things to do in Hendersonville

Strike & Spare   Hendersonville is home of one of the largest Strike & Spare’s. This small privately owned chain has store all across the mid-east. The Hendersonville location is 78,000 ft2 and has 46 professional bowling lanes. There is also a 60 seat bar and grill for all your needs you will never need to leave… during operating hours that is. Which run from 9am to midnight most days. The brand new center has a state of the art scoring system that features giant blasa TV’s and LCD monitors to keep track of hour bad you are beating your friends. If bowling isn’t your thing that’s all right Strike & Spare offers a lot more. There is a huge arcade with everything from Time Crisis III to whack-a-mole. Outside of the arcade they have a brand new Circus World area. Circus World is an indoor mini Circus it highlights 6 different attractions. To start things off there is the roller skating, laser tag, and GyroExtreme which is basically being strapped into a 6 foot steel cage and getting spun around very fast. The last two are Time Freak, and the Brand new Bungee Trampoline. Pricing for Strike & Spare is pretty low and offers wristbands for even more saving. Pricing for the wrist band depends on the day Monday $8.75, Tuesday and Thursday $13.75, Wednesday $8.75, Friday and Saturday After 5PM $19.75, and Sunday $17.75. These wristbands include one game of bowling and shoes as well as unlimited access to all of circus world.

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What to explore in Hendersonville

Drakes Creek Activity Center   Drakes Creek Activity Center is a must see if you enjoy mini golf, batting cages, laser tag, aeroball, and ice cream. Drakes Creek offers a lot of different great activities. One of its most unusual is the hot air balloon rides. Not exactly for those on a tight budget a Champagne balloon ride for two is $500 and last right around an hour. The hot air balloon ride however is something that you will never forget. Soring high in the air with only air holding you up is a magical feeling. Drakes Creek Activity Center offers other wild adventures as well. A more down to earth attraction is the full 18-hole mini golf course, at just $6 to start and a dollar after that this is a great family attraction. After putting your way to victory you might be interested in the state of the art batting cages for just $8 for 15 minutes this price can’t be beat… that is unless u pay for an hour at just $28 that’s $4 in saving. Drake also has a few other special activities to offer like Aeroball its pretty much two trampolines with a divider and a hole in the back the objective is simple to score in the whole behind your jumping opponent. The last and probably the most attractive attraction is Laser Adventure. An outdoor laser tag game where teams of 20 on 20 can fight head on. Laser Adventure takes the best out of both paintball and laser tag. Its outdoors with huge playing fields and at the same time uses Infer red lights so there is no painful and messy paintballs. If visiting Hendersonville Drakes is a place you just have to visit. It has lots of fun activates at good prices.