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Things to do in Hickory

Hickory Museum of Art There is something special about art. It is unique and can be found anywhere and at any time. While visiting family in Hickory they took me to visit the Hickory Museum of Art. It wasn’t what I expected but it was a welcomed surprise. The museum of Art in Hickory was surprisingly new age. The art stood for itself and wasn’t cuddled. The building was beautiful in its own regard as well. With high bright white walls and dark oak floors. It is a show room that any piece of art would be proud to be displayed in. There are many interesting pieces in their exhibits one of my favorite was a unique piece. Created by Jeana Eve Klein and titled Ten Thousand French Knots, it is exactly what you think. A piece of artwork with 10,000 French knots. The result is close to what you would see from when crayons are melted down but with a lot more design and attitude. Another really cool exhibit that I loved was the High-Speed Photography collection. My favorite was a piece that featured an apple being shoot through by a bullet. It was beautiful yet at the same time destructive. There is lots of really amazing art at the Hickory Museum of Art and it is well worth at least a single stop.

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What to eat in Hickory

Youssef 242 Everyone during their life has to go to Youssef 242 and there is only one, so you are going to have to travel to Hickory North Carolina to enjoy some of the most delicious food you will ever have the chance to enjoy. On top of it being the best food you may never have it is also casual. Meaning that its right for family, friends, or a night on the town with someone special. Youssef is simple and extremely elegant, using only the freshest of ingredients to create the most beautiful plates of food. Youssef 242 is open for lunch and dinner daily and serves up a large selection of food ranging from soups and salads to wild salmon and a absolutely delicious New York Strip. Pricing isn’t out of this world and a burger for dinner runs you $13.50 and the New York Strip is more expensive at 33 bucks. It is well worth it as it is guaranteed to be cooked perfectly or they will cook you a second. Supporting the locals is also near and dear to those who own Youssef 242 as they proudly support and display the farmers on their menu which they get their food from. Coto Farms, Tumbling Shoals, Hoffman heritage, gayle’s garden, and walnut grove farm. Even if Youssef 242 is a little out of your normal price range I would urge you to rethink it and don’t miss out on this delicious experience.