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Kersey Valley Zip Line Kersey Valley Zipline is one of a few places that I have really enjoyed in the recent weeks. We say an add for it while driving along I-95 and we didn’t have any plans so we decided to give it a shot and o was it worth it. Kersey Valley prides itself in being the premiere zip line attraction in all of North Carolina and most likely the best in the neighboring states as well. Kersey Valley Zipline offerse a unique experience the valley is filled with towers and each one is named after an airport such as ATL for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int or LAX for Los Angeles International. Each experience starts off with a session in the Flight School. For obvious reasons its needed to go over the information needed to be safe while traversing the zip lines. After the school there is two options that you can experience the first is Coach Class and the second is First Class. Coach takes under 2 hours to complete and First takes a little over 2 hours. The only real different between the two is the addition of extra stops. Coach only includes the US towers or airports while the First class route includes international towers. Its an exciting activity that is great for a day out in the sun.

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What to eat in High Point

Southern Roots Inc When we happened to cross a restaurant named Southern Roots Incorporated I just couldn’t resist. I had to try them it was a chance I just couldn’t let pass bye. I was extremely impressed by the atmosphere in the restaurant. It’s not like your normal eatery its more intimate and relaxed yet still perfect still for a business meeting. As the name implies it has a southern theme using warm wood tones and keep it relaxed. Southern Roots prides themselves in using sustainable food as well as supporting the local markets and farmers. The menu often times changes as the seasons do so that they can include only the freshest ingredients in their food. Each and every dish is hand cooked and cooked with love I could sure tell the different between the chef here and chef at the other chain restaurants we normally eat at. We started the night off right with a Gouda appetizer because it was recommended by our waiter and it was well worth it. After that the my wife and I both got a salad I opted for something familure and got the Cobb which was well… a cobb salad not much to say about it. My wife opted for the Organic Southern Roots salad which she highly praised saying it was one of the best salads she has eaten in months. As for entrees I got a delicious catfish that was caught by local fisher men. It was cooked very well with out drying it out.