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Rice Northwest Rock Musuem Rocks are just plain cool. Now I’m not talking about the generic type of rocks that go into concrete or you would find along a road. I’m talking about rocks that are found in museums and in Hillsboro Oregon you can find one of the premier rock museums in the pacific northwest. The Rice Northwest Museum is a historic landmark built almost completely from local rock and wood it in itself is part of the museums. The founders of the museum are Richard and Helen Rice and they built the museum out of their home in Hillsboro Oregon. As the museum grew they were forced to build another building to house the man artifacts that they had acquired and that was in 1952. The museum continued to grow and does to this day. In 2006 the Rice Musuem was made a Historic Landmark as it was the Frist “ranch type” house in Oregon to be accepted into the national registry of historic places. That’s all in the past and today it is still open from Wednesday to Sunday 1pm to 5pm. Admission for adults is $7, seniors 60+ are $6, students between 5 and 17 are only $5 to get in. Once inside you will have the choice to view 9 different gallery. The displays and types of rocks which they house are the Main Gallery, Meteorite Display, Rudy Tschernich NW mineral Gallery, Murphy Petrified Wood Gallery, Fluorescent Display, Fossil Gallery, Lapidary Arts Gallery, Agate Gallery, and the Fred Van Sant Faceting Display.

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What to explore in Hillsboro

Oregon Air Show If you are looking for something a little more exciting then a rock museum then be sure to get tickets for the United Sates Air Force Thunderbirds. They call the Hillsboro Airport home and the their next show is August 3,4 & 5 of 2012. The Thunderbirds are an attraction that you won’t want to miss out on if you can help it. This 3 day event is going to be a once in a life time event. The event isn’t just an air show either it’s a fun raiser for those less fortunate. The gates open at 9 in the morning and the show start off at 10:45. During this weekend its not just going to be the thunderbirds performing there is a whole list of other great preforming joining the show. One unique show that kids will love is Otto the Helicopter. Otto is a one of a kind helicopter that is built with versatility in mind, he has a mouth, eyes, a loudspeaker for interacting with the tower and viewers, and o last bit thing a yoyo. I know that I want to see Otto yoyo I’ve never seen a helicopter do that. Otto is a comedic show that the whole family will love. Air shows aren’t the only thing going on at this event. There is already some ground shows. These shows feature taking the engine from a jet fighter and strapping it to the back of a truck or car and seeing how fast they can get it to go. Smoke-n-Thunder Jet shows feature a Jet Car! How cool is that. See flames shoot off the back of a car like no other.