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Kazumura Cave

Hilo Kazumura Cave As a huge drifting collage of debris from the island of Japan heads east, one of the last places it is predicted to influence is the Big Island of Hawaii, as it is called today, and on that island, also called the Hawaii island, that confuses many folks, it is known locally as Hilo as well. On the eastern slope of Kilauea there is a magnificent lava cave called Kazumura Cave, already surveyed at 40.7 miles long and 3,614 feet deep, it is now the longest and deepest lava tube in the world, as well as being the most recent active volcano on the island to erupt, which was formed from the Aila'au lava flow that happened some five hundred years ago. One of its earliest documentations would happen in 1966, when one of its entrances would become designated as a fallout shelter, and by the 1970s, it would enter into the minds of the caving community, and one Francis Howarth, that would discover a new troglobitic invertebrate species, and by 1981, a British expedition would arrive to survey some 7.27 miles of the cave, and become one of the world's longest known lava tubes. By 1993, after being surveyed for about a year, it would become known to the world as its longest lava tube. It had originally been thought of as having two separate caves called the upper and the old. Mike Meyer and Kevin Allred would determine that the two caves were actually linked by a small connection and it would be enlarged to allow entry. As the years passed, more connections would made aware of like the one made later at Paradise Park Cave after realizing that it was linked to Kazumura by a breakdown pile, and then, much later a culvert would be installed to keep the passage more stabilized. Then Sexton Cave would be discovered, nearby, and after some explorations, it would be determined that where it ended was actually where Kazumura began. While digging in black lava rock, Kevin and Mike Shambaugh would be close to connecting the two caves, until Shambaugh continued digging and later connect the two. Kevin and Carlene Allred would then survey the combined caves so that they would total 29.32 miles, that would make it the longest cave in the world. It is a magnificent sight to see and explore, but the best way to travel to it, is to rent a great vehicle at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which has a couple of locations on the big island. Enterprise is the best company to use for renting cars or other vehicles, with the friendliest folks to help and the finest maintained fleet of rental cars on the island.

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Lyman Museum

Hilo Lyman MuseumThe Lyman House Memorial Museum in Hilo, Hawaii is a natural history museum that was founded in 1931 in the Lyman family mission home in Hilo, or the Big Island as it is known better as today, that had been originally constructed in 1933. The Rev. David Belden Lyman and his wife, Sarah Joiner Lyman would come here in 1832 to settle as missionaries from the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, and construct one of the first houses to be built in the style of their native New England. Some of their guests would include Isabella Bird and Mark Twain. During the years between 1854 to 1859, a new Haili church was constructed across the street, that replaced the thatched structures that had been used before for the congregation. The mission house would be added to the list of National Register of Historic Places in 1978, although the museum would be started in 1931, almost a century later, when their descendants would found it, and in the late 1960s, well known architect, Vladimir Ossipoff would design and construct a museum building next to the mission house. Once finished, the museum would be moved there and its displays enlarged and expanded. It houses many excellent exhibits of Hawaiian culture and is now famous for its collections of shells and minerals that include a magnificent specimen of orlymanite, that had been named after Orlando Hammond Lyman, the museum's founder and great grandson of David and Sarah. In 2002, it would become an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute. You would be wise to rent a car in the city of Hilo, the best company around being Enterprise, who has the best staff and maintained vehicles. Enterprise also has the best savings around, providing customers with excellent discounts and deals.