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Pirates of Hilton Head  When traveling east in South Carolina you are bound to run into Hilton Head island. Hilton Head Island is perfect for taking the family on a an amazing get away. It is the perfect location for the whole family with plenty of things to do for all ages. There are numerous trails for biking and walking as well as endless beaches for absorbing the rays during the summer. One fun family attraction is to enjoy a ride with the Pirates of Hilton Head. The Pirates of Hilton Head are a boat line aimed at entertain the kids in our lives, wither that being our little ones or the little kids inside of us all. The Pirates of Hilton Head set out on a hour and a half expedition. The start of each expedition is a a short 15 minute lesson on how to be a pirate. Teaching the young-ins how to talk correctly while on the boat using woods like AHOY and aye,aye as well as ARRGHH! The Pirate of Hilton Head charge a reasonable rate for their short adventures. Adults get in for $30 and kids under 12 get in for $24, I would encourage you to make a reservation in advance or go online as space is limited however watch out for the cancellation policy as if you cancel within 24 hours you will still get charged for half of your total. You can still cancel before the 24 hour mark for no change as long as your part is 10 or less. The Pirates of Hilton Head is an exciting adventure for the whole family and one that you kids will be talking about for a long time to come.

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What to explore in Hilton Head

The Sandbox   Most people of heard of Hilton Head before, mostly because of its Golf Coarse. But from the Pirates above Hilton Head has lots to offer besides a patch of green grass. If your young ones don't find Pirates of Hilton Head to be entertaining and fun then you will have to take them to the Sandbox. Like the name suggests Sandbox is an interactive children's museum. The Sandbox is named after its first exhibit which is Loggerhead Sandcastle the area which kids first see when they enter the museum. Loggerhead is filled with sandboxes that have fish that they can dig for then magnetically stick in the water. There are 9 other exhibits that children can enjoy while they are at The Sandbox. One that my kid found entertaining was the SCBT bank. The SCBT bank is an area which kids can pretend to be tellers and customers and interact exchanging money and different forms of currency. Lastly and not for the very little the Track The T-Rex exhibit is a popular favorite. A rock climbing wall which allows climber to stay close to the ground yet get the experience of climbing high in the air. Kids get to climb and reach a painted T-Rex with a button that makes him roar when it is pressed. This rock wall helps kids learn about how to make smart decisions and improve their motor skills.