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Iolani Palace

Honolulu Iolani Palace Iolani Palace sits in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, as the last and only royal palace in the United States, that is still used as a residence by a reigning monarch, and has become a National Historic Landmark, as well as being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There would only be two monarchs that would rule from the palace; King Kalakaua and Queen Lili'uokalani, and after it was overthrown, in 1893, it would be used as the capitol building for the Provisional government, republic, territory and state of Hawaii until 1969. It would eventually be restored and opened to the public as a museum in 1978. The fabulous palace sits on 10.6 acres of beautiful landscaping, constructed in 1879. It is, however, the second structure to occupy the grounds, since the original was constructed in 1844, with just one third of the floor space that the newer palace has. It was a wooden structure, one floor high and be called Hanailoia, and be the grandest house of its period in the island. The palace would be restored in 1930, with the wooden framing replaced by steel and reinforced concrete, and the official name restored in 1935. In WWII, it would become the temporary headquarters of the military governor in charge of martial law in the Hawaiian Islands. The palace would be designated a National Historic Landmark in 1962, and in 1966, it would be added to the list of the National Register of Historic Places, with all the government offices being emptied by 1969. These would move into the newly constructed Hawaii state building that was built on the former site of the old barracks that had been moved to the northeast side of the palace and is now a visitors center. During the period when it was emptied, and when it opened as a museum, it was meticulously researched and restored to its monarch era condition. It is a fabulous place to visit and the easiest way to travel around is by renting a great vehicle from the friendly folks at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise has great printable coupons now that will save you more money than ever before. Leave it to this great rental car company to do their best during these difficult economic times to help their customers save money for other uses.

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Diamond Head

Honolulu Diamond HeadDiamond Head is the name of the volcanic tuff cone that is located on the island of O'ahu and known to the natives as Le'ahi, with its current English name given to it in the 19th century when sailors from Britain would come here and mistake the calcite crystals embedded in the rocks for diamonds. It is part of a huge complex of vents, cones and other associated eruption flows that have occurred in the past and called by geologists as the Honolulu Volcanic series. This volcano is much younger than the others and is believed to have been formed only 150,000 years ago, and since the water levels were higher, it would determine the shape of the massive landmark. Fortunately, geologists that have studied it for years believe that it will never erupt again. Diamond Head has become one of the defining features of the city and is now a US state monument. Part of it is used by the US government today for a platform of antennas and is closed to the public, but because it is so close to the city's resorts and beaches, it has become a very popular destination. There is a three-quarter mile hike you can take to the rim, with signs along the trail telling visitors that it takes about one and a half to two hours to make the round-trip, actually recommending them to bring plenty of water. The climb isn't considered to be hard, but it isn't an easy one either. Originally, the interior of the crater had been the home of Fort Ruger, the first US military base on Hawaii, although, today, just a small contingent of National Guard is stationed there now. Numerous television shows have been shot around the area, with one significant show called Lost, being shot on the island, with portions of the old military base being used for the Iraqi prison scenes and a Scottish military camp. It is a magnificent sight to behold, and the best way to travel there or anywhere around the island is to rent a modern, maintained vehicle from the great people at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise has every type of vehicle you can think of there for you, so be sure to decide what you will need for your time spent there, or if you aren't sure the friendly staff there will be glad to help you with your decision. Enterprise is the best rental car company on the islands, so be sure to check them out first.