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Firebird Have you ever wanted to know what dinning is like out west? Well at Firebirds its possible, Firebirds was inspired by the rich woods and stones that are so common in the Colorado area. Owner and restauranteur Dennis Thompson was the man who had the idea of bringing that warm feel of wood and the cold touch of stone back to the eastern states. In 200 Dennis Created the Frist Firebirds in Charlotte, North Carolina. Firebirds hit the ground running and it is now an expanding chain that has grown very fast. Since 2000 the chain has 22 locations all across the eastern states and continues to open more in Ohio and keep growing. Firebirds has an large open kitchen that the entire dinning room can see, chefs are always showing off their skills behind the grill and presenting one of a kind dishes on a daily basis. The grills Firebird uses cook over hardwood filling the restaurant with a great smell and warmth that a closed kitchen cannot give. The wood also gives all the steaks, burgers, and fish a great and unique grilled taste. Firebirds serves both lunch and dinner and their prices are very competitive for the quality of food and service that is given. Lunch entrée start around 9 bucks and go up to 15 for a large sesame encrusted salmon. Dinner entrées are more expensive but well worth the money they are all delicious and every last one of their beautiful steaks are hand cut daily.

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What to explore in Hoover

Aldridge Gardens There is something special about a garden the way that walking and sitting in one will just ease your mind of all its troubles. In Hoover there is on place that is open to the public and has that great calming effect. The Aldridge Gardens is a 30-acre estate the estate was donated by Eddie Aldridge who was a renowned horticulturist and discovered and planted the Snowflake Hydrangea. The Snowflake Hydrangea is a special flower and the garden uses them the center piece. A unique feature about the Snowflake Hydrangea is much like a normal snowflake no two are alike the same goes for the Hydrangea each flower and different and unique, you would be hard-pressed to find two flowers that are identical. The estate features a 5-acre pond with a half mile walk around it show casing most of the garden. The estate house has also been converted into a museum to house plants and local artwork. The museum is home to the largest collection of Frank Fleming bronze sculptures. The sculptures are of all types ranging from humanoid fish with spears to a docile turtle siting on a log.