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Things to do in Houston

joelThe largest city in Texas and the 4th largest city in the United States the city of Houston Texas has always been set up to be a star. Founded in 1937 by to real-estate brother from New York, Houston was founded with hopes to be the capital of the new Republic of Texas Austin took over the rights to be the capital but soon afterward oil was discovered in Houston and along with the other cash crops and gowning economy Houston soon had money to show off. Building lavish skyscrapers and art galleries the city of Houston was boom or bust. Next came the churches, today Houston is home to many mega churches. Lakewood church located in Houston is home to Joel Olsteen whose ministry reaches over seven million broadcast media viewers weekly in over 100 nations around the world.  Some churches draw as many as 16,000 people to their Sunday services, which are open to the public. With that many viewers watching Joel Olsteen has become somewhat of a legend while in town you should stop by the church, catch a service, or just take a picture. The city is filled with world-class dining, famous art exhibits, and a strong nightlife. The citizens of the town are more than hospitable and always open to help out a visitor. For a taste of a big city combined with big country attitude look for further than Houston.

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A few more things in Houston

spececenterBlast off into the Houston Texas Space Center. As you start your tour you will jump on a tram and go on a brief tour. Whether you take the mission control or astronaut training both tours take you behind the scenes and give you the feel as you when you pull up to the Saturn 5 rocket building you are ready to start training. As you enter the Starship Gallery the space adventure begins in the Destiny Theater, As you walk around the exhibit her you can be mesmerized by the Apollo 17 Command Module or the Skylab trainer. Next step into the Blast Off Theater where you can feel like you are witnessing an actual Space Shuttle launch.  Rocket booster will blow exhaust into the room the floors seem to tremble and there you are standing in the middle of it all. After blasting off you can head to the Astronaut Gallery and see the world’s best collection of spacesuits up close and personal.  Now that you know all about the outfit it is time to learn about the life of an astronaut.  Start off in the Space Center Theater, Texas’s largest screen coming in at 5 stories tall, and watch the new shows To Be an Astronaut and International Space Station. The living space module in the Feel of Space lets you know what it is like to be aboard the space station. See firsthand what the space environment is like with little gravity and how day to day activities happen for an astronaut. There are plenty of places for kids (and adults) to goof off and have fun in the Kids Space Play and Martians Matrix. For a day full of out of this world fun look no further than the Houston Space Station.