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Things to do in Huntington

huntingtonparkWelcome to Huntington, home to many fune and hip attractions. One of the more famous attractions in Huntington is Camden Park. Camden Park is a traditional amusement park the only difference is as you walk around you will see tale tell signs everywhere that this place was established in 1903. The Park is home to over 30 rides and attractions and is sure to offer a fun day to you and you crew. Walk through the streets and buy a nice cold cola and some cotton candy. Head over to the game and try to win your sweetheart a big stuffed bear. Jump on the old coaster called the Big Dipper and to make it even cuter there is a miniature version called the Little Dipper for the smaller kids. Take a break from the rides and heads over to looks at the swans in the pond. Look closer, these giant swans are actually paddle boats. Take one out and enjoy being a swan on the water. Ride around on the carousel, enjoy some time on the bumper boats, and then take a ride through the haunted house. Enjoy a fun day in this awesome attraction.  

Ready to enjoy one of the oldest Amusement Parks? Good it is right here in Huntington! Too make it even better Enterprise Rent-A-Car is offering low rates for Huntington, West Virginia residents. With this much to offer why wait? Make your reservation from home today.

A few more things in Huntington

huntingtonparkWhile you are in Huntington head over to the Museum of Radio and Tecnology. Here you can find Vintage radios, test equipment and parts. Try the working crystal radio where no batteries or plug-in power needed. See one of the few rotary spark gap demonstrator. See the awesome display of vintage books and magazines to browse and view schematics.  Even better you can find new books and gifts available for sale. See tube-type audio equipment and related components on display. There are plenty of antique amplifiers, tuners, receivers, turntables, and tape recorders. See a 1930's 5000 watt AM transmitter complete with power supply components and studio equipment.  There are plenty of Ham radios from Heathkit, National, Hammarlund, Hallicrafters, Collins, and other amateur and short-wave listening radios. View parts of a large 5 megabyte hard drive, an Imsai, an Osborne, a Lisa, and a number of other older computers.  See a variety of military radio and communication gear such as a generator set, a WW II Japanese transceiver, a "Gibson Girl" emergency radio. And before you leave you can find out what Don Knotts, Grandpa Jones, Bob Denver, Soupy Sales, Little Jimmy Dickens and others have in common.