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Harry S. Truman Libary & Museum There is one thing specific that Independence Missouri is known for and that is being the home of Harry S. Truman. Truman was the 33rd President of our beloved country and was in office from April of 1945 to January of 1953. Truman did many great things while he was in the office and one of the most notable was being successful in ending the Second World War There was also other events during this years in office like the start of the Cold War. Some might not like the fact that a war was started during his time in office but it often isn’t in the hand of the president if a war is started or not, it mostly the hand that they are dealt. Today the Truman Library & Museum is the resting place of the beloved president who died in 1972 at an age of 88. The museum is dedicated to preserving books, historical documents, and any other historical artifacts that may link back to the Truman either before or after his time in the office. There is many delightful exhibits at the museum that can be seen day to day. The museum is open 9 to 5 6 days of the week and on Sunday its open from noon to 5. Admission only costs 8 bucks for adults, 7 for seniors, 3 for kids 6 to 15. The museum is a great place to take the family for a chance to learn more about the President who got us out of World War II.

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What to eat in Independence

Cafe Verona While on vacation or even just on a business trip I try to ask a local where I should eat. There are so many places that have great unique food its hard to find them all, but I do try. While in Independence Missouri at the Harry S. Truman Library & Museum I got in a conversation with the caretaker and he directed me to Café Verona. He said it has great service, a nice atmosphere, and will light up your taste buds. I was not disappointed when I walked in to the café. It was located in Historic Independence Square. The outside was bricks aged with years of history. Walking into the restaurant was like stepping across the Atlantic and being right in the heart of Italy. The inside was clean and full of dark woods and huge colorful paintings. The Full bar had a single painting that hung over it. The painting must have been 10-15 feet long and nearly 5 feet high. It was masterfully done and lit up the surroundings. The food at Café Verona was bright and modern. It took the classics and added a custom twist that could only come from a seasoned chef. Pricing at the café was nice, sandwiches came in about 7 to 8 bucks and an entrée would run about 12-18. The bread was amazing. I don’t even know how to describe it but be sure to ask for some.