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  • Cedar Rapids Museum Of ArtCedar Rapids Museum of Art Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Houses a lovely collection of paintings from the early twentieth century featuring works of art from talented artists including: Mauricio Lasansky, Grant Wood and Marvin D Cone.  The museum also displays contemporary Midwestern photos and paintings. One of the highlights of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art is the Grant Wood Studio, showcasing the world's largest collection of his work.  Visit the Grant Wood Studio and be amazed as you see some of his greatest creations.  The studio was once Grant Wood's home from 1924 to 1935.  Grant Wood's most famous painting, American Gothic was painted in this studio in 1930.  The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art houses a large permanent collection with over 5,600 art artifacts featuring several eras.  The collection includes Roman works of art to present day displaying a large amount of American art from the first half of the 20th century.  Also featured in the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art is the donated collection of Roman portraits and an extensive print collection from the 15th century.  The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art welcomes visitors of all ages, here kids can discover the amazing world of art through visiting the galleries and participating in the fun and educational activities.  The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art is a fantastic way to spend the afternoon.

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  • Terrace Hill
    Is a stunning mansion and is the official home of Iowa's Governors.  Terrace Hill welcomes over 18,000 visitors each year, this beautiful mansion houses several antiques, beautiful stained glass, art work and the architecture of the mansion reflects the rich history and heritage of Iowa.  This historic mansion is located in Des Moines and sits high above the Raccoon River Valley.  Iowa's Governor and his family live on the third floor, and Terrace Hill was given to the state of Iowa in 1971. Opening its doors to the public with an estimated 500,000 people from around the globe that have come and visited this historic, American Treasure.  Visitors can tour Terrace Hill where you will have the opportunity to see furnishings and decorations that represent styles and colors during the period from the end of the Civil War until the early 1900's.  A visit to Terrace Hill is a must, while you are visiting Iowa City.

February 11, 2011