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mustangOver in the heart of Irving you can find the area of Las Colinas an urbanized community that use to stand as nothing but vast empty grasslands. Las Colinas built a grand plaza so for future generations and this plaza is famously known for its Mustang sculpture.  The artist, Robert Glen, was inspired by the spirit of Texas that reminded him only of the free spirited and graceful horses that once roamed the land. Glen said, "Texas is not only a geographical place on this continent, but that it represents a distinctive spirit and way of life of a people who are committed to the freedoms of action, initiative and expression for each individual man and woman as no other culture before has exhibited." Through his inspiration Glen created the world’s largest equestrian sculpture which is done is beautiful bronze and seems to gallop across a granite stream.  The sculpture finished the piece in 1984 as a memorial to the heritage of Texas. Today this sculpture stands and when you visit Irving you can visit the free Mustang Museum.

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A few more things in Irving

handWhile in Irving maybe it is time to do something a little different and get your hand dirty. Not many people know about the sport of handcycling but in Irving it is a big deal.  For people who are in wheel chairs or even people who just want to try something differently it is a rush. Camp Young trail offers a great trail and inspiration from Paralympic Gold Medalist Oz Sanchez. Former Marine was injured in a hit and run crash about 10 years ago and in desperate need of a way to get out of depression and find a way to vent he took on handcycling and took off toward being a Gold Medalist. As he has reached out and made it easier for other people to discover the sport he has started many charities and helps others see the same benefits he does. You may think it is easy but pretty soon (like at 15 feet) you will realize that this is one heck of a work out! The movement to bring attention to handcycling in Irving has been a huge success and you should try it out when you arrive.