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Things to do in Jackson Hole

jacksonWelcome to Jackson Hole a small town with a large appetite for fun.  While you are in Jackson Hole you will be overwhelmed with National Parks, Rafting, and Riding and you will have the perfect opportunity to find you next adventure.  The best place to get in touch with your wild side is at the Jackson Hole Adventure Center. It’s time for you to take your vacation outside and get in touch with Mother Nature. Explore the mountains or take or on a trail ride through them. Jackson Hole is ready to offer you a fully day or week for that matter of the exciting and extraordinary. Enjoy the breathtaking backdrop of the Yellowstone National Parks. The Adventure Center offers plenty of guided tours of Yellowstone National Park with one of our experienced, local guides will take you through the park and show you the unique and wonderful. Winter brings forward things such as snowmobiling and sleigh rides along the Snake River. There are plenty of skiing and snowboarding trails so that you can come in and rip up the powder in these majestic mountains. Jackson Hole also offers several old Western Towns that will show you the last reaming buildings of the Old West. The ideal mountain location is rustic, comfortable and all cowboys at heart. A local favorite in Jackson Hole is the white river rafting down Snake River but  one thing is for sure, and that is that you will have a blast in Jackson Hole.

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A few more things in Jackson Hole

jacksonholeAs you have read so far there are plenty of fun things to do while you are in the city. Between all of the fun activities and the friendly locals you will have weeks full of fun pack adventures. You have already read about the skiing, snowmobiling, and nature trails that await you in Wyoming. Another fun thing to do in Jackson Hole is to go on a Wildlife Expedition through greater Yellowstone. On one of these great voyages you will get to travel through the mountain side on a safari vehicle to experience wildlife. One of the experienced tour guide will take you through the countryside to see close up animal experiences you could have never had before. Sit back and let the caravan take you to see the elk graze in the fields. Watch the mother bear and her cubs cross your path. Wolves howling in the background can let you know they are there. Bighorn sheep and pronghorn antelope can be seen frolicking in the distance. And the bison will walk right up to the van and say hello. Come enjoy an relaxing yet exciting experience in Wyoming.