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Casey Jones Home and Museum   Trains have been an integral part of America’s infrastructure. Trains have been used to transport goods, people, animals, and almost anything you can think of. Because of their great size and weight they take a long time to start and stop. Way back in the 1800’s there lived Casey Jones a sole train engineer who became a hero. Casey was managing his train when another broke down on the tracks unable to stop Casey made sure all his passengers got off the train safely before it impacted and killed him. Casey Jones is a hero by all account; his home was in Jackson Tennessee and has been preserved as a museum for this amazing man. Admission is cheap at $6.50 for adults and discounts for seniors, students, AAA, Military, and children. This museum houses several different train engines and cars all from the period of Casey Jones. After exploring the museum and playing with the many model train sets you must stop by the Old Country Store. This isn’t just any store but it’s also a restaurant. The restaurant serves 3 different southern buffets daily. The Old Country Store is also an Ice Cream Parlor & Fudge Shoppe. The Ice Cream parlor is made and run in a true 1890 fashion. While waiting to eat you may be able to watch their skilled employees make the most flavorful fudge you will ever have the chance to try. While in Jackson there are other great places to stop by such as Wildlife in Wood Studio where you will find Master Carver Dee Moss working a block of wood into a life like figure. Jackson Tennessee has many places to take your family and there is no place better t start then the Casey Jones’s Home and Museum.

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What to explore in Jackson

Rusty's T & Movie Car Museum   If you are a movie buff or just like cars this second stop in Jackson Tennessee is for you. Rusty’s TV & movie Car Museum is a must see. Open from 9-5 on the weekend for just $5 this is something that you just have to see. Rusty has over 24 movie cars and prompts on display. Some of his most popular cars are those from Fast and The Furious, most popular being that little Lime green import. Rusty also has older cars like the little Volkswagen bug named Herbie. Many of the cars are the originals from the movie or show. He has many different batman cars from the bat mobile to the batcycle. Rusty has at least one car for everyone. For the sc-fi fans the Ecto 1 from ghost busters or every Teenage boys dream The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard. When I went with my family my kids favorite was of course the Scooby doo van, following close behind for their favorite was the Blankman my kids didn’t even know what move it was from but they didn’t care it looked cool. The Drag-u-la as caused quite a buzz because you who doesn’t like a hot rod casket to drive around it. Rusty also has some newer cars out of some hard hitting thrillers like death race. The steal plated mustang with dual mini guns on top is a sight everyone enjoys. The 2010 remake of the Green Hornet is also present at Rusty’s TV and Movie Car Museum. The sleak muscle car with hidden machine guns and green lights is just plain cool. Rusty’s was a place that my family and I enjoyed and is worth the drive if you are in town on the weekend.