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  • Jacksonville Museum of Modern ArtJacksonville Museum of Modern Art Jacksonville, Florida
    The Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, or MOCA, also known as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville was opened in 2003 as part of the revitalization of the downtown area and is also a great resource for the University of North Florida. It sits inside a restored historic building that held the Western Union Telegraph, with six floors of marvelous exhibits; five of which are rotating and one permanent, with educational rooms, an atrium gallery, auditorium, museum gift shop, Cafe Nola and the ArtExplorum Loft Children's interactive center. It is an enticing venue to learn about art in the present age, with artworks by Ed Paschke, Hans Hofmann, James Rosenquist and Joan Mitchell.

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Enterprise Rental Car JAX Apt. - 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr.

Jacksonville Enterprise Car Rental - 4303 Atlantic Blvd.

  • Museum of Southern HistoryMuseum of Southern History Jacksonville, Florida
    The museum of Southern History is devoted to preserving the history, chivalry and ideals of the south as an independent museum dedicated to showing the accurate history of the south. The mission is complemented by the museum, which was started to keep and educate the public that is interested in the history of our country and those innate problems that arose during its infancy while striving to attain a world power, unique and special, with a government of the people, by the people and for those that shed blood for the continuation of this nation under God. It dedicates itself to the historical accuracy of showing the rest of the nation and the world, the lifestyle and culture of the antebellum south, a unique body of people, that have been misunderstood by the world, misrepresented and belittled by others; although emphatically revered by the grateful descendants of those brave women and men that sacrificed their lives for the beliefs of those individuals and their ancestors.

January 11, 2011